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5 Places To See The Northern Lights

As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, most of us are eager to one day in our lives see the bright dancing lights in the sky of Aurora Borealis. Except for being close to the Arctic Circle, in order to spot them you also need to get away from any city lights in order to be in complete darkness and see the shimmering light in the sky.

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The weird and wacky food cuisines from around the globe

Due to it being Waitangi Day in New Zealand this upcoming February what better excuse than to check out all of the other interesting, weird and wonderful foods across the globe.

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Bucket List: Nick Packham - Cambodia Country Coordinator

As country coordinator for Frontier Cambodia Nick has been busy overseeing the site set up on the island of Koh Smach. When not getting camp ready for 2013 volunteers, Nick has been musing his Top 5 things to do before he kicks the bucket. Get some inspiration for your own list here.

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Photo of the Week

Beautiful photography is what we're all about on Monday mornings. This week's Photo of the Week is an interseting image entitled 'Alaska'. According to photographer Mel Hagai, the image depicts the recovery after the world's largest tundra fire. Check out Mel's photostream for more amazing photography.


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