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Mini guide to thailand’s islands

Thailand's islands are some of the most visited on the planet; there is only one reason for this - Thailand’s coastline is the definition of paradise. Wherever you look Thailand is bathed in stunning panoramic views. Wherever you go there are palm trees, sand and beautiful clear blue waters.

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How to pack a backpack

You can currently win this fantastic Caribee Sky Master 80 Travel backpack worth nearly £200, donated by The Luggage and Bag shop over on the Frontier Official Facebook page right now.

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Volunteer photo of the week: Danielle Watts

This urban delight comes from Danielle Watts who's currently taking part in Frontier's South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail, combining the backpacking delights of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with volunteering. If you think Danielle's photo deserves this month's Volunteer Photo of the Month crown get ready to head over to the Frontier Official Facebook page at the end of February to vote.

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Frontier Focus: South America - Peru

Inspired by Jonathan Dimbleby’s recently televised journey throughout this incredible continent, this week Frontier gives you the low down on some of our best-loved South American countries. Today it is the turn of Peru.

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Volunteer Interview - Rebecca Taylor - Central America Ethical Adventure Trail

After interviewing the lovely Dorothy Conlon, an author and Frontier volunteer, we thought it would be interesting to read what some of our volunteers are looking forward to, prior to their trips abroad across various Frontier project destinations. We also have some quick-fire questions, we’re going to tally them up and see what our volunteers are all about.

Frontier: You have signed up for our Central America Ethical Trail Project – what appeals to you about this particular project?

Rebecca: I like the fact that I get to go to a multitude of areas that mostly appeals to me. Also because I am going on my own, I wanted to go with a company so that I could travel with like-minded people.

Frontier: What do you hope to achieve in your time abroad?

Rebecca: I hope to learn about Central America’s diverse culture, and how things are done differently abroad. I also want to gain teaching skills and experience, and make friends. I am planning to stay with a home-stay family, and I have often heard how lovely they are there, so I am looking forward to experiencing life from their perspective.

Frontier: Have you done much travelling up to now?

Rebecca: I have always been quite lucky with regards to travelling abroad, although that mainly consisted in travelling along the west coast of France with my mum and dad, nothing at all like what I am about to embark on with Frontier.

Frontier: Apart from the various destinations you will visit in Central America, is there one country that you would like to visit?

Rebecca: Hmm … I want to go everywhere to be honest! I guess if I had to choose, I suppose I would be interested in going to Australia, for the sunshine and beaches and of course for its amazing wildlife.  

Frontier: We like to give all our future volunteers some advice on what to pack on a gap year trip.  What one thing do you always take on your travels that you wouldn’t leave home without?

Rebecca: I always take sun cream, and I usually take sunglasses.

Frontier: What music are you planning to listen to?

Rebecca: I am actually in the process of downloading some music; I have just gotten a new Ipod! I would probably listen to Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, I might listen to some of the Top 40 hits too.

Frontier: What’s your favourite holiday memory?

Rebecca: Oh god there’s a lot to choose from. It’s probably the time when I was 10 years old and I was staying in a villa in Portugal and we had this massive water fight, the biggest you could imagine. It was with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend and there were four hose pipes around the villa, and we were just having this ridiculous water fight whilst my mum was trying to cook dinner in the kitchen, of course she was very much distracted by the commotion happening outside. The end of the water fight saw the whole place covered in water, and it has always been a brilliant memory for me.

1.    Beach or forest? Beach

2.    Tigers or sharks? Tigers

3.    Kanye West or Jay Z? Kanye West

4.    Beyonce or Rihanna? Beyonce

5.    Skins or Misfits? Skins

6.    Club or Gig? Gig

7.    Mac or PC? PC