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Pandering to Pandas: How will we Combat Extinction?

Pandas. What are they good for? Large, lethargic creatures who lie around eating nothing but bamboo all day and have no interest in sex. It’s like they’re asking to become extinct. So should we just sit back and let it happen? Or does the survival of the panda represent something important about the larger issue of environmental conservation?

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Environment News: Whale Shark Slaughterhouse Exposed

On 27 January 2014, a Hong Kong-based NGO named WildLifeRisk released a report describing a three-year undercover operation to expose the illegal slaughter and trade of whale, basking, and great white sharks.

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Job Jealousy: Jordi Chias, marine photographer

Jordi Chias is a freelance photojournalist specialized in underwater and marine themes. His work includes extreme sports like cave diving, free diving and deep wrecks, and he is also working on travel articles and natural history subjects.

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The problem with palm oil

Palm Oil is one of the most widely used products worldwide. It is a primary ingredient in cooking, and cosmetics and is therefore found in a large number of consumer goods.

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