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Photo of the Week

Our volunteers are always sending us amazing photos from the field and in Photo of the Week we'll be sharing our favourites with you. At the end of every month we'll be asking our online community to vote for their favourite. So if you're heading away with Frontier, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that killer shot and you might just get yourself featured. This week's entry comes courtesy of Mads Hagel Blaabjerg who volunteered on Frontier's Madagascar Teaching, Wildlife & Diving project.

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Volunteer of the Month (August): Trenah Stauffer - Fiji Healthcare

Congratulations to Trenah Stauffer, our August Volunteer of the Month. We asked our staff in Fiji to pick a stand-out volunteer who had gone above and beyond in their duties. Our Project Coordinator for Suva, Natasha Hope, chose Trenah for the award, a volunteer on Frontier's Fiji Healthcare Project.

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Making the Most of Eating Abroad

When it comes to travelling abroad for any significant amount of time, the food available is likely to be up there near the top of most people’s priorities. It will depend a lot on where you are travelling and how far off the beaten track you plan to venture. If you’re staying in tourist areas of countries which have embraced the Western world’s eating preferences then you’re likely to be able to find a few foods you recognise. This will mean however, missing out on arguably one of the best parts of travelling to new places – trying the local cuisine.

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Past Frontier Volunteers: Where Are They Now?

Frontier volunteers are a special bunch of people. Whether you've been away with us in the past, heading on a project in the future, or you're currently out there enjoying one of our many amazing trips, you've all got a story to tell. In 'Where Are They Now', we speak to past volunteers who are now involved in amazing and inspirational roles that we think you might find interesting. The question is, where will your Frontier project take you?

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