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World Health Day: Food, the Common Danger

World health day is an annual day where The World Health Organisation celebrates its creation in 1948. Every year they pick a specific theme of what they focus and raise awareness about, and this year on April 7th it’s all about food safety. Although on the surface it seems like we have got it all under control, food production causes problems with the environment as well and can be improved immensely.

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Deforestation Rates: A Rising Danger 

Satellite studies have revealed that deforestation rates are up by 62%. Even though the Food and Agriculture Organisation stated they were decreasing, it has begun to be evident that deforestation is having mass effects on the environment.

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Go Green: Ideas with the Power to Spark Change

Green ideas have long struggled to make their way into the spotlight. However, in today’s world the dramatic changes to our climate have made more people aware of the problems our environment is facing. In search of sustainable solutions great thinkers are coming up with new bright ideas.

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