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Into The Wild Wins Best Travel Blog  2018

Last Friday, three members of the online content team here at Frontier attended the 2018 UK Blog Awards ceremony after our blog, Into the Wild, was nominated for prizes in two categories – Travel and Green & Eco.

The evening started out fairly sweaty as London was in the midst of its first (and potentially last) heatwave of the year. But it was still exciting to get all dressed up and head on down to the exclusive Marriott Hotel on Grosvenor Square. There was a buzz in the air as bloggers from far and wide congregated in the entrance hall, sharing polite conversation and taking photos before eventually wandering on through to the bar.

After claiming a complimentary flute of prosecco each we sidled into the main function room, and managed to find some seats only a few rows from the front. It wasn’t long before the ceremony began – with TV presenter Hayley Marie-Sparkes and Dean McCullough, presenter of Gaydio, hosting the evening.

There were nineteen categories in total – in areas such as Arts & Culture, Education, Sports & Fitness; and including the two categories in which we had been nominated – Green & Eco and Travel. Each was then split into a further two categories – one for individual bloggers and one for business-associated blogs such as Frontier’s Into the Wild. For each one, Hayley and Dean summoned an industry representative to the stage to read out the nominees, and then announce the winner as well as the ‘highly commended’ runner up.

When the turn came for the first of our two categories – Green & Eco – we all three sat with bated breath and fingers crossed under our chairs, and were delighted when our name was called out as ‘highly commended’ (although couldn’t deny feeling a little disappointed at not having won the overall category!)

After a short break, everyone returned to their seats and the ceremony continued. The next category was Travel – our second chance! Again we sat in tense silence, watching the nominees’ names appear on the big screen. We were absolutely thrilled when Into the Wild was read out as the category winner, and floundered about excitedly for a moment before remembering we had to make our way onto the stage and collect our prize.

Our sense of jubilation stayed with us throughout the night, as we met other bloggers, spotted Instagram celebrities and eventually headed on over to the afterparty. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Of course it was wonderful to win an award but even aside from that it was great to meet the authors of such a wide variety of influential and innovative blogs, and to celebrate this creative industry with a fantastic group of people.

We’d like to thank the organisers and panel of the UK Blog Awards 2018 for a terrific evening, as well as extending our congratulations and thanks to all of our journalists, field staff, guest bloggers and other contributors who helped to bring home the award of Best Travel Blog 2018 for Into the Wild.

By Tess Hanneman – Deputy Online Content Editor | Frontier

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