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Top 5 Art Exhibitions About The  Environment

Flickr | Ruth HartnupArt often reflects on and reacts to current political and social situations, as it has power to influence their development. Therefore, it’s not surprising that environmental issues are a major source of inspiration for today’s artists. They can promote awareness, provoke dialogue and inspire action. Environmental art often works with natural materials or is motivated by current environmental issues. This list includes five environmental art exhibitions that can be seen this year.

Ethics, Excess, Extinction

Animals play various roles in our society. There are species that we adore, ascribe them human-like personality traits and provide with luxurious lives. Others we admire for their strength and wildness. And some of them we view only as objects of the meat industry. The authors of this exhibition explore different humans’ attitudes to animals, from the cruelty of hunting and factory farming to the protection of endangered species. The exhibition is composed of three parts – Ethics, Excess and Extinction. Ethics gives an answer on how and why we should take nonhuman animals into account in our moral decisions. Excess consists of provoking images of the exploitation of animals in the context of a consumer society. Extinction explores, besides other things, the effect of climate change on species’ existence.

The exhibition can be seen at El Paso Museum of Art in Texas from January 26 to May 13, 2018. You can also look at some of the work online.

Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea

The huge colourful sculptures catch one’s eyes easily. Their beauty is, however, quite terrifying once you realize that they are made merely of trash found on the Pacific Ocean coastline. The authors used 38,000 pounds of debris. Angela Haseltine Pozzi, founder and artistic director of the project says that working with all the material, which was found on beaches, was very challenging for the artists. However, the result is outstanding and very beneficial to raise the awareness about the topic of plastic pollution in oceans. The exhibition will appear at different locations in the USA during 2018 and you can also visit it on Washed Ashore.

Dear Climate

“Dear Climate,
We know: we blew it.
We got distracted, as usual. By ourselves, as usual.
We’re sorry.”

This is the beginning of the message that authors of the Dear Climate Project dedicated to the current process of global warming. As the artists had found today’s vocabulary referring to the climate too distant and unfamiliar, they decided to shift it in order to make the relationship between the climate and people more personal. “To craft new kinds of personal engagement with climate change” as they write in their manifesto. Their artwork consists of podcasts, posters and letters which you can find on Dear Climate. Moreover, because the project is mainly about environmental awareness, the authors encourage you to spread their art. The project is also a part of several exhibitions; the posters will be exhibited, for instance, at the American Storm King Art Centre from May 2018.

Flickr | cliff hellisArtists for Conservation

Vancouver, aspiring to be the Greenest City, will host the 8th annual Artists for Conservation Festival from August 22nd to August 25th, 2018. It will include the work of international and local artists that have dedicated their work to nature and the environment. The program of the festival offers, besides art exhibitions, also concerts, lectures, workshops and documentary screenings. The founder of the festival is the non-profit organization Artists for Conservation, which connects nature artists from nearly thirty countries, across five continents.

Art for the Environment

Until Sunday 18th March 2018, you can visit the exhibition called Art for the Environment in London’s Nunnery Gallery. Three years ago, participating artists were assigned to create artworks that would capture the environmental concerns of the twenty-first century. They have projected in their pieces topics of sustainability, biodiversity and human rights. The exhibition is also accompanied by recycling workshops and panel discussions.

By Eliška Olšáková - Online Journalism Intern

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