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Pack Your Luggage As A  Minimalist

Flickr | lila510If you want to get the cheapest flights or hitchhike across the continent, then minimising the quantity of your travel belongings is necessary. After a while of carrying your rucksack, you will feel every extra gram on your back. For this reason, we’ve put together some basic advice for minimalist travelling. Because no burden should limit you from exploring the world’s wonders!

How many books could I read?

The first rule of minimalist travelling is to pack only what’s necessary. It is important to distinguish between what you really need and what you just want. The less stuff the backpack contains, the longer time packing will take. The reason is that you have to ask about every single thing if it is essential or only makes the journey more comfortable. Whilst it is important to expect all kinds of weather, two sweaters on the beach might be excessive.

Similarly, if you are used to straightening your hair or use makeup you might pack all the equipment out of habit. But are you really willing to waste you precious holiday time and space in the backpack? Although it might seem difficult to give up the daily routines, it will bring more enjoyment after all. However, if one small and light thing like a talisman or eyeliner would make you feel way more comfortable, don’t restrict yourself too much.

Pixabay | Alexas_FotosEveryone struggles to give up different things. While some people could feel insecure without a hairdryer, others wouldn’t leave their home without a book. Or two or three. What if I finish it already on the way there? What if my plane is delayed and I have to wait at the airport for several hours? Without the book! Karen Kingston, the world's leading authority on space clearing, claims that freeing yourself from unnecessary things creates new space for new experiences. You might find an interesting read in the airport’s bookstore. It might be a local travel guide or a story written by a native author. However, if you really want to be certain of having enough reading matter with you, an electronic reader could be the solution.

This shirt is my favourite!

Clothes are always a challenge, not only during travelling but also in our daily lives. Some surveys shown that we wear only 20% of our wardrobe and the rest remains unused. This can never happen in a backpack! We need to choose clothes that are comfortable, fit multiple occasions and environments and matches more than one outfit. If you have a blouse which could be worn only with one particular skirt, you should probably leave it at home.

Flickr | cmor15“But one more shirt will not take any extra room!” If this dangerous thought comes to your mind, ignore it. When you end up with some space left, consider a smaller bag rather than packing more stuff. Moreover, having some extra space is never a bad idea, especially if you plan to buy some food or souvenirs. However, you shouldn’t forget your minimalistic efforts behind the borders and return with loads of impulsively bought snow globes or other dust catchers.

Also, write a list of all the things you might need and follow it strictly. Rummaging around the house will only result in packing favourite pieces of clothes or other unnecessary things that only have an emotional value. To organize your clothes in the backpack better, you can use a packing cube. This small fabric container will make packing and repacking easier and keep your clothes without wrinkles.

By Eliška Olšáková - Online Journalism Intern

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