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Top 5 Extraordinary Hobbies around the  World

Flickr | Christian ReuschWith supermarkets on every corner, picking mushrooms in the forest or making pelmeni from scratch isn’t necessary anymore. However, these activities are deeply embedded in cultures and have become a great way to spend leisure time and gather with family and friends. In this list, we focused on five extraordinary hobbies which are still popular in various countries around the world.

Mushrooming in the Czech Republic

Waking up at 4am to be the first in the forest shows how determined Czechs are about mushrooming. From early in the morning, you can spot families with woven baskets in their hands crawling in bushes and searching for mushrooms. While some people do it to collect lunch ingredients or for the pure pleasure of being in the forest, others consider mushrooming as a serious competition. When two groups of mushroomers coincidentally meet in the forest, they quickly measure the size of their takes and barely hide their envy during polite conversations and smiles. Naturally, most of the people don’t reveal their favourite mushroom spots and keep their location as a state secret. Once mushrooming season starts, it occupies all of the national media. Moreover, mycologists are available during that time to help with recognizing different kinds of mushrooms. Even though learning to distinguish mushroom species is a family tradition, some cases of poisoning still appear every year. The most typical dish is “sma┼żenice”, a mixture of mushrooms with scrambled eggs.

Flickr | Toshiyuki IMAIPicking Wild Asparagus in Croatia

Croatians pick mushrooms as well, however even more interesting is their season of wild asparagus hunting. It is one of the first things that children are taught by elders as soon as they learn how to walk. During April and May, when the first spring sunrays appear, Croatians set out to the fields and forests, seeking the sparrow grass. Wild asparagus grows in shadowy and wet places. All you have to do is find a “mother bush” and then break the asparagus stalk on the spot where the hard and soft parts meet. While the hard part is left in the soil to become a bush, the soft parts are picked up, broken into small pieces and cooked in olive oil to be preserved. Asparagus is usually added to creamy pasta or eggs.

Pixabay | PezibearWatching Sakuras in Japan

If you happen to be in Japan in the period from the end of March to early May, you can join the locals in their traditional hanami. This amazing hobby teaches people to appreciate nature and the environment as hanami literally means ‘flower watching’. When sakuras - Japanese cherry trees - start blossoming, it is an ideal opportunity to spend some time outside, organize parties or picnics underneath these magnificent trees and admire their beauty.

Pixabay | Team_seasonsMaking Pelmeni in Russia

Although you can easily find frozen pelmeni or premade mixtures in supermarkets, the traditional ones must be homemade from scratch. Preparing the dough, filling them with meat and especially shaping these tiny dumplings takes an incredible amount of time and patience. No wonder that their making has become a reason for family gatherings. Before winter starts, Russian families sit together and spend hours preparing plenty of pelmeni, which they freeze and consume during the long, cold season. It’s not only a great way to deal with winter hunger but also to strengthen family relations and catch up with all the news.

Pixabay | quinntheislanderAxe Throwing in Canada

There are many things you can do in a bar; listen to good music, have drinks, chat with friends, dance and - if you happen to be in Canada – axe throwing. Axe throwing is one of the disciplines in Canadian lumberjack competitions and if throwing axes at the bar is not enough for you, you can enter the National Axe Throwing Championship. While axe throwing gained its popularity in Canada, it has spread to the USA and the UK as well. The first axe throwing venue in London was opened two years ago, so if you are tired after work and seeking a new way to release stress, give this Canadian hobby a go.

Pixabay | medienluemmelBy Eliška Olšáková - Online Journalism Intern

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