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Under the Radar Places to  Visit

Flickr | Roger NelsonWhen planning a trip, people often look up the most popular spots to visit before going. We all rely on reviews, which usually highlight main landmarks or attractions. Visiting common tourist places and ticking them off your bucket list is great, but it sometimes means there are so many missed opportunities to explore the hidden gems.

We have compiled a list of awesome places that should get way more credit than they do, so here are some under-the-radar places to visit!

The Grotto, Canada

Canada is a vast land that offers some of the most breath taking landscapes. From snowy peaks to sandy beaches, Canada has it all. Its sparkling lakes and diverse wildlife can usually be accessed in a National park. One of the lesser known marvels hiding in the 3.8 million square miles of Canada lies within Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario. An underground body of water known as a grotto offers a blindingly spectacular sight to those who find it. It couldn’t lie in a more picturesque location since it sits within perfectly formed caves and is a turquoise so bright, it looks like something out of an idyllic painting. You’d be mistaken for thinking it has in built spotlights as some caves do, but it is simply the bright blue water.

Flickr | Alex IndigoThe Bodegas Ysios building

In Spain's Rioja Alavesa, the Bodegas Ysios was created using incredible modern design intended to create the perfect environment for fermenting wine. From afar, you’d be forgiven for thinking the building was a pixelated hologram. It looks like something straight off a futuristic blueprint. Surprisingly it doesn’t look out of place against the Spanish countryside; in fact it complements the backdrop. The wavy roof blends in with the mountainous landscape and the varying brown, beige and white shades of the timber and tiles used make it a stunning addition to the fields and vineyards. You can book day trips to the winery and enjoy a day of tasting with magnificent views. You can even book a four day tour of the whole Basque Country area including the Bodegas Ysios. Even if wine isn’t your thing, talking a walk on the grounds and through the building are worthwhile as it looks different from every angle thanks to its pixelated design.

Flickr | Wojtek GurakHuacachina

An absolute feat of nature, there is a small oasis in the Peruvian desert which the city of Huacachina has been built around. It has showed signs of drying up when in 1980 water stopped seeping into it.  The situation was exacerbated when private business holders pumped water from it to their wells. It was saved when a group of business men decided to devise a plan that would allow water to be pumped back into the pool. The work started in 2015 and has been successful ever since. It has meant that the community can continue to live there and that means they can continue accepting tourists.  It is an unbelievable sight in the midst of billions of dry sand grains. It is the perfect spot to create some memories and take some striking photos.

Flickr | Babak FakhamzadehChiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Rai is still developing its tourist sector; it is known and visited but not as frequently as Thailand’s well established Bangkok and Chang Mai. Much like its sister town Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is full of remarkable temples, such as Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple), and Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). It offers a calmer space than other hotspots because it is not as frequented and it is a small easy to navigate place. It’s packed with traditional markets, stunning hikes dotted with hidden waterfalls, caves and hot springs, intricate architecture and of course clubs and bars for those wanting a night out. Chang Rai has something on offer for every type of traveller. The best part of the town is that it is centred on eco-tourism, always ensuring the protection of its irreplaceable sites and natural beauty whilst providing an unforgettable experience for its tourists. You can even experience the diversity and natural beauty of Chang Rai on our South East Asia ethical trail trip. For more information on our project click here

Flickr | David


By Hanna-Johara Dokal - Online Journalism Intern

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