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Top 5 New Year's Eve Firework  Displays!

Flickr | ChrisThe New Year always starts with a bang. Every New Year’s Eve, the world’s most cosmopolitan cities almost battle each other and welcome the upcoming year with fantastic firework displays. The Pacific Islands and Australia were the first nations to greet 2018, with the USA and outlying islands the last to say goodbye to 2017. Every major city wowed their crowds, some more than others! Here are the top 5 New Year firework displays.  


Anyone and everyone is talking about London’s firework display, and we are not even being bias! They lasted for a record breaking 10 minutes, where the whole country forgot about politics and any other worries; Big Ben was even awoken from its restoration for one night only, so it was a big deal! Almost 10,000 fireworks lit up around the London Eye and the River Thames, with 100,000 ticketholders watching from afar. The soundtrack accompanying the fireworks was led by female artists to mark a century since women can vote.

It is always hard to compete with the top dogs such as Dubai and Sydney, however this year London definitely topped the firework rankings and put on an amazing display to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Unfortunately, once Big Ben chimed at 12:00am, it resumed to a standstill and will continue its restoration work, but we hope to see it chime at the end of the year!

Flickr | Roberto Martin Fernandez

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, served the focus point for Dubai’s New Year celebrations with a record-breaking laser and light show. Although fireworks were not on the cards this year due flammable concerns, a laser show proved to be a unique alternative and a much safer way to illuminate the structure as the clock strikes 12!

The display projected onto the east side of the 828-metre-tall tower, showing geometric designs, Arabic calligraphy, and a portrait of the UAE's first president. Behind the scenes of the ‘Light up 2018’ show, more than 300 experts worked for several months to help prepare the 10 minutes that wowed the spectators below. Believe it or not, Dubai has now broken the Guinness World Record for the largest light show on a single building! Welcoming 2018 will definitely be a New Year’s Eve to remember!

Flickr | Waqas Ali Khan 


There is never any disappointment when it comes to Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display. As the clock ticked over to 2018, a dazzling display drew cheers and gasps from the estimated 1 million spectators crowded at points around the harbour.

For the first time ever, there was a countdown to midnight with fireworks forming numbers 10 to 1 on the Harbour Bridge, not to mention the word Sydney spread across the bridge, before a multi-coloured cascade of fireworks lit up the famous Sydney Opera House. Approximately eight tonnes of fireworks produced 100,000 pyrotechnic effects that illuminated the sky. The centrepiece was a rainbow tribute to the nation’s historic same-sex marriage vote and the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Mardi Gras.

Flickr | Florian Rohart 

Las Vegas

New Year’s Eve is always a great time to be in Las Vegas. The transition to 2018 here has been described as ‘crazy’… well it is Las Vegas after all! The entire strip turned into a giant party, hosting over 300,000 from around the world.

At midnight, an 8-minute magnificent firework display of about 80,000 fireworks illuminated the strip in any imaginable colour, supposedly making the Times Square ball drop look like a high school production. Fireworks were shot from the famous casino rooftops, including the Venetian, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Aria and MGM Grand. Alongside the fireworks played upbeat music remixes from current artists. No wonder the display cost $500,000!  Inside the Casino-Hotels, famous acts headlined the night, including Britney Spears and Bruno Mars, making the night unforgettable!

Flickr | David Djukic

New York

Although the firework display was not on the same scale as Las Vegas, the famous Times Square Ball Drop is not just a celebration, it’s a global tradition! Hundreds and thousands of were people packed into the famous square, not in the slightest phased by the -9 degrees temperature. In fact, the frigid temperature made this New Year’s Eve Ball Drop the second coldest on record!

The New York City fireworks truly put the ahhh in ahh-mazing! As the sky lit up in iconic bursts of light, confetti and balloons filled the square as the glittering crystal ball dropped. The celebrations featured star-studded musical performances from major artists such as Mariah Carey, as well as a colourful pyrotechnic display. New York waved farewell to 2017, whilst expressing joy and hope for the year ahead!

Flickr | gigi_nyc
It’s so fascinating to see how each city celebrates the start of a new year. Welcoming 2018 has been unforgettable, definitely stepping up the game from 2017! With such an amazing way to start the new year, we hope 2018 is a happy and healthy year for everybody!


By Sophia-Harri Nicholaou - Online Journalism Intern

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