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Top 5 Countries to Visit for Birdwatching 

Birds are amazing creatures that are extremely diverse and interesting. From the smallest hummingbird to the tallest ostrich, from seed-eating sparrows to sloth-eating harpy eagles, this article talks you through some of the most interesting birds in the world and the amazing countries where you can find them.

Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, you can find the Asa Wright nature centre, which is world famous for its sheer number and diversity of bird species. Here you can take in the warm tropical climate whilst observing some of the most fascinating wildlife in the world. Many species of finches, hummingbirds, parrots and toucans can be observed here in their natural habitat of the local forests. Larger birds such as vultures and hawks can also be seen in abundance here, if you are lucky you may even have the chance to see the rare ornate hawk eagle, which sports a black crest on the top of its head.

Flickr | Len BluminColombia

Colombia is home to more species of birds than any other country in the world, with 1852 recorded species. From the national bird, the Andean condor with a wingspan of 3.3m to the tiny Reddish hermit, a species of hummingbird measuring only 7.5cm, the birds of Colombia come in all shapes and sizes. With Colombia housing almost 20% of the world’s species of bird there are birds to be found in every habitat in this country. The rainforests of Colombia are home to a huge number of species such as the spectacular Harpy eagle, famous for its strength and hunting abilities as well as many smaller birds such as the colourful festive parrot and the Amazon kingfisher. As well as forest-dwelling birds many species of seabirds can be seen on the coast, such as tropicbirds and shearwaters.

Flickr | Beth WilsonChina

China is obviously a huge country, so it would be unrealistic to expect to see all of the wildlife it has to offer but with so many species of birds inhabiting this country, you are sure to see something amazing wherever you choose to visit. The number of species of birds recorded in China is an impressive 1314 and again, the species of birds here are diverse. The red-crowned crane, one of the rarest and largest cranes can be found in various parts of China; this bird is a prominent feature in Chinese myths and legends and is a symbol of longevity. China is also full of many incredibly colourful birds such as the mandarin duck and the golden pheasant, which are both real show-offs of the animal kingdom.

Flickr | Bob HallPapua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is famous for its birdlife; it is home to the well-known birds of paradise with their impressive plumage and unusual breeding displays. 33 of the 42 species of birds of paradise can be found in Papua New Guinea; with 9 of these found nowhere else in the world. The birds of paradise are spectacular but Papua New Guinea has over 700 other species of birds! This country is home to nearly everything and even three species of the elusive and fearsome cassowary. Cassowaries are known for their strange horn-like crest and extremely sharp and powerful claws. The southern cassowary is the third largest bird in the world and is also known as the most dangerous.

Flickr | Charles DaviesTanzania

The east African country of Tanzania is rich in birdlife and many ‘bird safaris’ are offered to give visitors the best chance of seeing some of the country’s most extraordinary birds. The secretary bird is one of Tanzania’s most unique looking species. It is a bird of prey with long legs, a bright orange face and long black feathers on the back of its head, due to its unusually long legs it can stand up to 1.3m tall. Tanzania has many endemic birds that are found nowhere else in the world. The largest bird on the planet, the ostrich, can also be found in Tanzania; these birds are often seen in groups and can be an impressive sight.

Flickr | cweng50So there you go! 5 places in the world to see the most vibrant, diverse and exciting bird life. Many wonderful species of bird can be seen all around the world, but these 5 countries promise to deliver some amazing sights as well as being fantastic destinations to explore in general!

By Gabrielle Brooks - Online Journalism Intern

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