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Top 5 Ways To Travel Through  Asia

The largest continent on Earth has a multitude of transport options but none will ever be enough to even nearly cover the vast expanses! Nevertheless, here are our top 5 ways to travel through Central and South-East Asia to begin a lifetime of experiencing these culture-rich nations.


Flickr | Silver Blue Houseboats are often a luxury method of travel in regions all around India. But houseboats are also the simplest way to bask in the serenity of South Indian backwaters or discovering the tranquillity of Kashmir and the Gangetic Plains of North India. Coconut trees constitute the landscape and many unusual species of amphibians and aquatic creatures can be spotted, offering the ultimate green backdrop to your journey! Kerala has been ranked one of ’50 destinations of a lifetime’ and the ‘kettuvallams’ (Kerala Houseboat) are a primary source for tourist attraction. Originally grain barges, houseboats now accommodate visitors from all over the world.

Bike Tour

Flickr | MarPa87The nature of South East Asia’s low-lying plains and flat roads make this region an ideal place to explore by bike! Cycling is a very popular method of travel because the route options are endless. You could journey from Angkor to Bangkok and on to Saigon on one of the cheapest transport methods (after walking)! By taking the backroads, you can experience the less touristy side of these cultural cities and also discover the surrounding villages. Explore the colonial buildings of the Cambodian capital, the striking temples of Thailand and floating markets of Vietnam by bike - you'll easily integrate with the locals and transform your South-Asian experience!

Trans-Siberian Railway

Flickr | latteedclcOne of the most magnificent train journeys and longest railway lines in the world, the Trans-Siberian railway can take you across Russia with the option to travel into China, Mongolia and North Korea. Crossing seven time zones and passing hypnotic landscapes, the Trans-Siberian Railway encompasses one of the most varied journeys imaginable. Today, the Trans-Siberian is considered one of the greatest railway journeys in the world, and is a must-do for travellers wanting to explore the vastness of the Russian and Central Asian landscape. For more on the Trans-Siberian railway, click here:


Flickr | Pedro CarvalhoAnother way to explore South-East Asia is through 'meaningful travel' in auto-rickshaws or 'tuk-tuks'. These three-wheelers will ensure that you utilise the local transport before engaging with a totally different perspective of the countries! See the tumbling rice paddies, silver pagodas and copious street food – check out the orangutans dwelling in the jungles of Borneo or the dazzling temples of Yangon in Myanmar! Take the time to support local rickshaw drivers in places like Indonesia or the Philippines - from epic scenery to ancient histories, a rickshaw is a truly unique mode of travel in the least touristy and most meaningful way!


Flickr | ObakenekoRevel in the unique nomadic lifestyle by exploring the Tibetan Plateau on horseback! Enroute you'll encounter the unexampled wilderness of Old Tibet against the ever-changing climatic conditions of the surrounding mountains. Horses are a very traditional form of transport and often the best suited to unfamiliar terrain of Tibet, Nepal and southern China. The monasteries and sacred passes are better visited on horseback as vehicles merely disrupt the sanctity and peace of this mystical land!

There you have it! These are our 5 top picks for alternative ways to explore and experience Central and South-East Asia – which were your favourite? Remember to support local communities during your travels by using local transport as a primary way of travelling around Asia.

By Anaka Nair - Online Journalism Intern

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