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The Effects of Global Warming on  Mangroves

Mangroves have been a beneficial source of life from the start. Whether it be protecting the coastal communities, providing for the local fisheries or even providing shelter for sea creatures such as small fish and sponges, mangroves have had a remarkable impact on the lives of both marine and land animals. Mangroves protect the shorelines of coastal communities from storms and help maintain the water quality that’s around them. But as global warming becomes a greater threat to the ecosystem, mangroves have been dying out, causing more and more problems along the shoreline. Along with climate change, sea levels are expected to rise due to the melting of polar ice, causing the change of flooding patterns and posing a threat to wildlife. 

Flickr | Christopher MichelMangroves offer safety but once they start to disappear, chaos can strike. Coastal storms are usually dampened due to the effect mangroves have on them, but as the sea level rises and mangroves vanish, higher wave heights and wind speeds are bound to hit the coastal communities.  Floods may also occur, since mangroves were a vital source of protecting the shorelines and the people surrounding it. Mangroves help improve water quality but with the problems they are facing now, changes of salinity could cause a major threat to the oceans wildlife as well. In a report, The UN Environmental Programme believes that some of the regions islands could lose half of their Mangroves by the year of 2100. As salinity increases, mangroves are less able to cope and fresh water becomes scarcer.  Global warming has been impacting many ecosystems, threatening their source of life and causing parts to become non-existent. Mangroves are currently considered an endangered species due to the threats of climate change.

Flickr | Bachellier ChristianOur ability to halt or even reverse the trend towards mangrove damage depends on local, grassroots initiatives.  You can get involved in mangrove surveys intended to inform local government conservation policies on many of Frontier’s projects including Fiji Marine Conservation, Madagascar Marine Conservation and Belize Marine Conservation projects.

By McKenna Sell - Voices for the Future

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