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Top 5 Secluded Summer Retreats 

The summer holidays are a chance to escape the daily grind of working life and quite often the therapy needed is the comfort of solitude! Check out our 5 recommendations for your ideal summer retreat in some of the most dazzling regions on the globe...

1.     Playa de Mónsul, Spain

Flickr | Francisco Javier Ruz

This Spanish gem is Mónsul, boasting a stretch of shimmering sands that remain as popular with locals as they do with Hollywood film directors… This 'best beach in Spain' in Cabo de Gata Natural Park is famous for being the backdrop to scenes from Indiana Jones! Luckily, Playa de Mónsul still remains a very secret location.  The landscape beholds miles of colourful cliffs, cacti and crystal clear waters making it a great backdrop to a summer blockbuster or your next summer retreat!  The pristine beach is defined by its intricate lava formations and erosion processes creating one of the most unique reserve beaches in the Mediterranean. An ideal location for snorkellers, avid walkers but also those content with simply absorbing the breath-taking views.

2.    Paro Valley, Bhutan

Flickr | Abhijit Kar Gupta

The rural backdrop of the Upper Paro Valley is a fascinating and picturesque opportunity to visit some of Bhutan’s most famous sights. The valley borders Tibet and as a result, Tibetan culture is an inherent part of Bhutanese livelihoods. Deemed the most beautiful valley in Bhutan, Paro makes the perfect secluded summer retreat for those who appreciate nature and serenity. Accessibility by foot in Paro Valley is unlikely as there are great distances between historical sites and ancient buildings, but be sure to check out the Taktsang Monastery, Drukgyel Dzong (fortress) and the National Museum of Bhutan!

3.    Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Flickr | Shinji Yamada

With over seven primary wildlife conservancies, discover one that is suited to you at the foothills of Mount Kenya where the semi-arid plains thrive with high biodiversity. Not as well-known as the Masai Mara but with wildlife densities to match; some of the greatest populations of endangered species can be found at Laikipia Plateau. The vast stretches of wildlife conservation grounds ensure this area remains remote wilderness, providing an ideal summer retreat for those looking to dwell amongst resplendent African wildlife!

4.    Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Flickr | Brian Dewey

A slightly chillier and alternative summer retreat is the stunning volcanic region of Lake Clark; home to Arctic wildlife, magnificent mountains and the purest blue lakes on Earth. Appreciate the endemic salmon run or watch brown bears roam the coastline; you’ll be in secluded Arctic wilderness offering stunning views and fascinating knowledge on the importance of indigenous lands to local peoples. The National Park is a geological haven of topographical features so if you’re after a summer retreat of solitude without the heat, this is for you!

5.    Valparaíso, Santiago

Flickr | Rodrigo Quezada

Our final recommendation for your secluded summer retreat is unlike the rest - it's a city in Chile. But don’t let this fool you! Valparaíso is a coastal seaport composed of colourful architecture, colonial buildings and continuously described as a ‘wonderful mess’. Its cobbled streets were often visited by artists in need of inspiration and the spontaneity of the city meant that visitors were met with 'beauty in chaos'. The long history of philosophers and poets who were drawn to the city show that Valparaíso offers peace and quiet to those requiring it. Visit Valparaíso if you want a summer retreat without pin drop silence but where solitude can be found in mazes of passageways...

There you have it – 5 destinations across 5 different terrains providing you with the ultimate secluded retreat this summer! Whether you’re after a sunbathing opportunity or a chance to see some of the world’s most brilliant land animals, use this guide to transform your travelling experience!

By Anaka Nair - Online Journalism Intern

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