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Top 5 Islands To Visit 

Islands are cool. They just are. Perhaps we’re bias as an island nation but they definitely have a pull over the imagination. From lost civilisations and once thought extinct animals, to pirate stranding, ship wreck survivors and endemic rare species, islands boast a wide range of allures. Here are our top 5 islands to visit.

1.    Iceland

A good way to describe Iceland would be that if you are a landscape photographer there, you have the world’s easiest job. Fjords, glaciers, geysers, tundra volcanoes and icebergs are generously littered all over this north Atlantic island hiding new mysteries round every corner. Rich in Nordic history with fantasy creatures all over the shop, Iceland is becoming popular for people with one foot in each camp of traveller and tourist. Reykjavik is a colourful (literally) and energetic capital nowadays and, while a touch on the expensive side, can’t fail to entertain you. Iceland is baffling and brilliant and enticing to the extreme.

Flickr | Kamil PorembiƄski2.    Bali

One of Indonesia’s island provinces, Bali is a gem of Asian culture that has yet to get the credit it deserves. This is South East Asia at its finest, bursting with rice paddy fields, local markets, tropical beaches and jungles, temples, culture and endless colour. Bali has so much on offer to do and see that you can’t possibly be bored but you better hurry, as the area is growing in popularity from the rest of the world.

It’s fast becoming a popular holiday destination but the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere make it impossible to be like just another tourist. Indonesia as a whole can provide a lot to the ethical traveller with community and conservation projects scattered all over the country, including Bali. Whatever your needs for your next adventure, Bali has it.

Flickr | Ferry Octavian3.    New Zealand

Two islands for the price of one here. New Zealand is well regarded as a travel destination with its immensely varied landscapes, endless activities to get involved in and friendly, welcoming community. In many respects closer to its remote south Pacific island cousins than to Australia, New Zealand is historic, enchanting and able to offer something for everyone which is not something just anywhere can boast.

Fans of the great outdoors are most at home here though as the country actively encourages and facilities any kind of outdoor pursuit you can imagine and for a, relatively, small sample of land it can offer any kind of landscape for those activities to take place. Friendly people, relaxed lifestyle and plenty on offer are all the reasons you need to go. For the varying types of traveller out there, you can also get a variety of work, volunteer and holiday visas for New Zealand, further opening up the diversity of what you can do.

Flickr | Stewart Baird4.    Bora Bora

Part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is fast becoming quite touristy. However its remoteness in the South Pacific still makes it a travellers paradise rather than crawling with site seers. Going viral recently, Bora Bora is famous for its population of pigs who love taking a dip in the sea, something you can take part in yourself.

Bright white sand beaches are the theme here as Bora Bora is the poster child for that iconic Bounty advert look. Hotels on stilts offshore, jungles and reefs are just some of the attractions of Bora Bora where the pace of life is so slow that they don’t seem to understand the concept of time. Definitely an island to check out.

Flickr | Alquiler de Coches5.    Galapagos Islands

Everyone’s heard of the Galapagos. Thanks to the works of Charles Darwin, the Galapagos are of huge significance to natural history. Famous for Tortoises, lizards, penguins, seals and a mass of bird species, the Galapagos are a must for the nature lover in you. Remote, relatively under developed and off the beaten track, the Galapagos Islands aren’t for the faint hearted given their exposure to the elements and rugged terrain.

If you’re heading over there then one of the main attractions would be seeing a Galapagos Giant Tortoise, the largest species of Tortoise on the planet. Evoke the David Attenborough in your with a trip to the legendary Galapagos.

Flickr | KrisNMIslands are like a condensed, intense version of what you can get in larger areas. All the same thrill and enjoyment in a small and manageable area, what’s not to like! These are our favourites, have we left any off?

By Guy Bezant - Online Content Editor

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