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How To: Earn Money Online During Your Gap Year  Abroad

Working on a gap year can be essential but tricky. On the one hand you want or need to make some extra money. On the other you don’t want to miss out on experiences or, end up working in Starbucks in Singapore. Here are a few alternative ways to fund your travels:

Creative Outlets


If you have any creative talents you can call upon try and get work freelancing whilst you are travelling. People will pay for anything from copywriting and proof reading to, coding and graphic design. The best part about freelancing is that you can get work through websites such as Upwork that are accessible all over the world. This means you can take your work with you. You can do as little or as much work as you like and, you can state the hours you can do and how much you want to be paid. All you need to do is compete the work at a time that suits you before the deadline.

Flickr | scott feldsteinBlogging

Similarly, blogging can be a creative and flexible way to earn yourself some extra spending money. There are two ways to approach blogging. Either write about your personal experiences, travels or whatever may interest you, and hope that the content is compelling enough to gain some interest that may lead to paid advertising or, approach established blog sites and offer to create content for them. Travelling gives you the upper hand in this situation as you can offer to be the man on the ground for destination or experience specific blogs.


Instagram is a must have social media account for any budding traveller. If you can create interesting and unique content with a whole lot of personality your following will grow quickly. With a little hard work and some great photos you will soon be able to charge for coverage of products, companies or accommodation. Just look at The Bucket List Family who have been travelling for the past 2 years all expenses paid by their Insta account.

Sell your photography

Flickr | Andrew MaloneAny gap year student worth their salt is taking an insurmountable number of photos and, with many popular travel destinations being picture perfect you could put these pictures to good use. Websites like iStock, Shutterstock and Getty Images enable you to sell your photography through their sites. You can upload as many images as you like and each time they are purchased you will get paid. The more great pictures you take the more opportunities you have to be paid. What better excuse do you need to go exploring?

Travelling Salesman

Sell exotic wares online

Travel related items have been having a real moment in both fashion and interior design over the past few years. So why not take advantage of your geological location and the amazing markets, souks and bazars the world has to offer whilst trying your luck as an entrepreneur? Buy up clothes, decorative bowls, wall-hangings and anything else you can get your hands on and sell them online for a profit.

Flickr | Harold LitwilereBay remains the most popular auction site, so this is a good place to start. However Etsy or Not on the High Street both offer a captive audience who favour authentic curiosities. If you have a fashionable eye an ASOS Marketplace account is a great way to find eclectic and fashion-forward customers who can’t wait to by a Nepalese scarf.

Earn a bit on the side

If you just need a little bit of extra money on the side there are jobs that can be picked up online which only take a small amount of time but offer a cash incentive. Lots of companies offer money for people to take part in online surveys, click links or write reviews. It may only be a few pounds here and there but if you do a couple a day the money will soon start to add up. Check out Student Money Saver for up to date opportunities to earn your self some extra money.

So pack your bag, grab your GoPro and book that ticket. There is no expense spared and no need to hold back because with these helpful moneymaking tips your spending pot can be topped up the whole time you travel. No need to call mum and dad and, no missing out.

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