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5 Teaching Opportunities  Abroad

Volunteering to teach abroad not only benefits you, it can have a huge impact on the lives you come across. There are many different opportunities available ranging from helping women specifically to working alongside exotic animals.

Tanzania Adventurer

Interested in combining teaching with the magical creatures of Tanzania? This unique project allows you to do just that! The project started in Tanzania back in 1989. Some of the work carried out here led to the creation of the conservation site on Mafia Island. Today, projects still run helping the wildlife on the island but also the communities within the area.

During your time on the project, you’ll be able to assist in the schools, teaching English and other subjects to the children. You’ll also have the chance to help with the research of many of the different animal species on the island. When you’re not busy working with the other volunteers, you’ll have the time to explore the tropical beaches and even go scuba diving. Follow the link for more information on the Tanzania Adventurer project.
Rio de Janeiro Women's Empowerment

This is by far one of the most rewarding opportunities on offer. Not only would you be teaching women within impoverished communities, you would be giving them the support they need to feel validated within themselves. You’d help guide the women in developing key skills to provide an income for their families. Skills such as sewing, sandal making, candle making and painting. As well as helping them gain a sense of responsibility, you would also be giving them the independence and safe haven they need as many suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It may be an emotionally challenging project but the impact you are able to have on these women’s lives makes it more than worthwhile. If this sounds like something you’d want to be part of, follow the link for the Rio Women’s Empowerment Project.

Costa Rica Jungle Teaching

Ever considered teaching in the heart of a jungle? Look no further – Costa Rica is full of rainforests, lined with Caribbean beaches. It’s a wonderful culture to immerse yourself in, who doesn’t want to top up their tan from the ‘office’? On this project, you’ll be able to engage with the children within the local jungle community, expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world. You’ll provide them with basic education and conversational English. During your stay, you’ll be camping in cosy eco-lodges. There’s nothing like the outdoors, just click here for more information about Costa Rica Jungle Teaching.

Kenya Teaching & Maasai Mara Safari

Kenya is a beautiful country with many National Parks, beaches and stunning landscapes. You’ll be able to explore the entrancing sights of the country whilst delving into the culture on this project. Living within a small community and teaching local children will allow you to create friendships for life.

Your hard work can make an impact on these children’s lives. Students that attain good grades are often able to achieve scholarships or sponsorships allowing them to continue their studies into high school. At the end of the project, you will also be taken on a once in a lifetime 3 day tour around the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. Here you can see all of Africa’s beauty and wildlife. To find out more about the Kenya Teaching and Maasai Mara Safari project, just follow the link.

Maldives Teaching and Beaches

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful locations on earth; turquoise-blue waters, white sandy beaches and sizzling hot weather. The oceans are full of diverse sealife; 1,900 coral reefs and over 2,000 fish species. Teaching in the Maldives would be like teaching in paradise.

On the project, you would get to work as a teaching assistant. You’d be assigned a class of either primary school or high school children. As well as teaching them numeracy and literacy skills, you would be building on their confidence and trust. Outside of class, you’d have the chance to attend many of the colourful festivals and events the islands have to offer. Interested? Follow the link for more information on the Maldives Teaching and Beaches project.
Whichever project you choose; you’ll be opening the door to a world of life-changing experiences. The people you meet and the memories you make will remain with you forever.

By Simone Kelly - Online Journalism Intern

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