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Top 5 Treehouses Around The  World

From treehouses built for contacting life on other planets to secretly hidden cubes. Here’s a list of the 5 most interesting and bewildering wooden houses in the sky.

1.    BeeHive Treehouse

The beehive treehouse is a pretty unique piece of work. Elements of this beautifully crafted design give the illusion it was constructed by bees. The treehouse, rather fittingly, sits in Woodenville, Washington, supported by a tall Douglas Fir tree. Stained glass windows shaped like hexagons are spread throughout the structure, allowing splashes of colours inside. Interestingly, the framing of the treehive is built from cedar branches. The interior is full of intricately designed lighting again keeping with the hexagon theme. You can access this little house through a wooden bridge and climbing an alluring staircase.

2.    Free Spirit Spheres

These magical looking wooden spheres are located in rainforest on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. They hang from rope in an enchanted rainforest full of hidden wildlife. Built with a brass trim, varnished wood and cane doors, Tom Chudleigh is the brains behind this masterpiece. The orbs allow guests to experience a spiritual connection with the nature around them, high in the canopy. Each sphere is accessible by a spiral staircase and suspended rope bridge.  The orbs are also equipped with a power connection and built in speakers for you to enjoy a full surround sound system! Cudleigh used mahogany and teak wood for the interiors of some spheres but has also begun to use black walnut for its ‘beautiful character’.

flickr | Kyle Greenberg3.    The Ministers Treehouse

Also known as Horace Burgess's Treehouse, this is both a treehouse and a dangling church in Crossville, Tennessee. Burgess began building the treehouse himself back in 1993. He claims he received a visionary commandment from God to build the incredible structure. The treehouse is supported by a live 80-foot tall white oak tree - the house itself is 97 feet! Many believe it to be the largest treehouse in the world. It’s made up of 80 rooms over 5 stories! A bell tower chimes daily as oxygen acetylene bottles replace bells. Burgess managed to build the house and church for just $12,000 dollars using recycled materials. Sadly, it closed to the public in 2012 after not following fire safety codes. However, many still manage to trespass just to catch a glimpse of its wonder.

flickr | Joel Kramer4.    Beach Rock Treehouse

Many claim this treehouse is the ‘‘plexiglass portal on the world’.  It sits in the trees in Okinawa, Japan. It was built by Kobayashi Takashi, a treehouse creator with the dream of contacting extra-terrestrials. The original purpose of this treehouse was to contact outer space! Ladders connecting to several platforms allow you to finally reach the top of this wooden house. If you’re really brave, there’s a giant rope swing hanging from the trees for you to swing on!

flickr | Kenneth Taylor Jr 5.    The Mirrorcube

The Mirrorcube is by far the most unusual and unique ‘treehouse’ on this list. This beautiful piece of architecture sits in Harrods, Sweden. It was constructed in 2010 by architects Tham & Videgård, Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård. The mirrorcube is just that, a 4x4 metre squared aluminium structure with reflective glass covering each exterior wall. The cube suspends above the forest ground with a rope bridge allowing access. The interior is built of plywood and there is just enough room for two inside. There is a double bed and six mirrors to sit and enjoy the captivating views from the treetops.

flickr | Nicolás BoullosThe environment around us constantly acts as inspiration and with a little help from nature, the possibilities are endless.

By Simone Kelly - Online Journalism Intern

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