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Top 5 Cities For Studying  Abroad

There are many factors to consider when choosing an institution to study at but one of the most important details is location. For those that are brave enough to leave their home country, picking one of these cities may mean never wanting to return.


Knoxville is a small city in eastern Tennessee and is home to the very popular University of Tennessee. Over 180,000 people live in the city and there are around 30,000 students at UTK alone.  Knoxville is a hidden gem for its rich culture, something many wouldn’t immediately expect from a southern state. There are many Scotch-Irish bars and lively nightclubs scattered throughout the cobbled streets of Knoxville’s Downtown. For those under 21, there are hipster juice bars and Mexican restaurants open until late. Downtown also has many festivals at the weekends promoting countries such as Germany, Japan and India. It’s not just the rich-tasting cuisine Knoxville has to offer that get people visiting from all over the world though, there are several nature trails and plenty of opportunities to go hiking, canoeing or even rock climbing. The University also has the fifth largest stadium in the USA and the sixth largest stadium in the world. The Tennessee Volunteers, the school’s college athletes, regularly play American football games at the stadium creating an exciting environment for the 100,000 people that get to attend each match. Whether students go to the game or not, they regularly tailgate on match days allowing them to visit different fraternity’s and hang out with their friends.

pixabay | djgmixSingapore

Sometimes called The Lion City or The Little Red Dot, Singapore is a sovereign city-state off the south of Malaysia. It has a very tropical climate with many lowland forests and palm trees on the roadsides. Around 5,700,000 people live on the islands of Singapore. It’s a highly multiracial and multicultural city-state with many Chinese, Indians and indigenous Malays living here. The many schools here also welcome diversity.  There are various public universities, polytechnics, and foreign university campuses. The city is recognised as having a well-respected education system that puts its students first. In the 2016 Times Higher Education Rankings, National University of Singapore came first in Asia and 23rd in the world. The popular Nanyang Technological University also came in at 2nd in Asia.  Not only is the education of high standard; the quality of living is too. It is quite an expensive city but there are many scholarships available for International students pursuing Singapore as their place of study.

pixabay | PexelsCopenhagen

Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, Copenhagen is the colourful capital of Denmark.  Many of the streets are lined up with beautiful 17th and 18th Century buildings including Nyhavn’s waterfront. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. In 2016 it was voted the least corrupted city in the world by transparency national.  It’s also a very environmentally friendly city with low pollution levels. Most students can be seen riding through the city on their bikes.  There are many parks to venture, cafes to be discovered and museums to be explored. There is also a range of high-end independent shops throughout the city. Most of the 700,000 people that live in the city are young students themselves therefore there is plenty of activities for the younger crowd. According to the 2016 Universitas ranking system, Denmark has the third best education system in the world.

pixabay | WitiziaUtrecht

Utrecht is a city in the Central Netherlands.  It’s an hour’s drive and 30 minute train journey from the very popular city of Amsterdam. Utrecht is the perfect destination for students that are interested in the Dutch culture but grudge the thought of the cost of living in Amsterdam. The two cities are very similar. Utrecht is full of long, narrow streets and picturesque canals. Boutiques and cafes line up among the tall and thin buildings.  Much like Amsterdam, bikes are infinitely scattered throughout the roads. As of 2015, over 330,000 people lived in Utrecht. Many attend the local museums and galleries. The Dom Tower of Utrecht is also a stunning piece of architecture visited by many and is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.  At night, the streets and buildings are lit up and many clubs host lavish events. Bars are also dotted along the sides of the canals. There is much to do whether it is day or night. The city has many universities including The HU University of Applied Sciences, one of the largest schools in the Netherlands and the popular Utrecht University.

flickr | :)gab(:Malta

Malta is an archipelago in Europe. It sits on the Mediterranean waters between Sicily and the coast of North Africa. The island is particularly small. The coastline alone is around 120 miles long, making it very easy to drive around in the space of a few hours. It is famous for its blue lagoon and crystal-clear watered Blue Grotto. Another unique aesthetic to the island is its Sweethaven Village, or as many call it, Popeye Village. This was used for the filming of the 1980 musical ‘Popeye’.  Other than the beautiful, tropical attractions, the city offers captivating sights with very old cathedrals and towns. It is full of culture and history. The University of Malta is the largest University on the island. The school regularly hosts Erasmus and exchange programmes encouraging students from all over the world to attend. 11,000 go to the school and around 650 of these students are Internationals. The island also hosts other foreign schools and colleges for arts, sciences, tourism and other programmes.  

flickr | Berit WatkinAll five cities are unique in their own way. Some offer adventure, others offer history or culture but for many they offer a once in a lifetime experience. Studying at one of these cities would not only expand on a student’s knowledge and skills but also their understanding of the world.

By Simone Kelly - Online Journalism Intern

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