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Top 5 Cities For Teaching  Abroad

Working abroad is a dream of many. Challenging, but reaping with rewards. But where are the best cities to place yourself if you want to teach? From Europe to Oceania, here’s a list of the Top 5…


Melbourne is a glorious city in Australia, known as ‘The Garden City’ for its vast land and greenery. South of the capital, Canberra, and a two hours flight from Sydney, it occupies the south east corner of Australia. The city has many suburbs with over 4 million people living in the area. Melbourne is full of wild animals but there’s more to it than just the leaping kangaroos. Described as Australia’s cultural capital by many, its diverse population allows for a rich culture with complexity. It hosts many art museums and some of the world’s best food and wine. Live music is available at many lounges ranging from jazz to rock and with the many theatres throughout the city; people are never shy of entertainment. Cinema is another favourite to the natives, with many multiplexes located throughout the city and suburbs. This is the place to be for teaching whilst increasing your own knowledge in the arts. The Economist’s global liveability survey has ranked Melbourne as the most liveable city for six years in a row. Teachers are in high demand all over Australia and due to the short supply; early childhood teachers are most needed for 2017.

flickr | Lenny K PhotographyKo Tao

Also known as Turtle Island, Ko Tao is a small island in Thailand covering just 21 square kilometres. It gains its unique name due to its shape looking similar to a turtle nose-diving towards Ko Pha Ngan. Interestingly, between 1933 and 1944, the island served as a jail for political prisoners. Today, it is surrounded by dense forests, vast sandy beaches and hosts many trails waiting to be explored. It consists of a small community of around 1,700 people living on the island. This is a great location to teach English as a foreign language with many organisations offering projects to obtain a TEFL certificate. With the increase of tourism over the past few years, many of the workers staffing the island speak strong English, so it is easy to feel at home on the island. The island is best known for its scuba-diving courses, with people venturing throughout the coves and exploring the coral reef. It is a beautiful location, perfect for getting a real taste of Thai culture whilst developing children’s language skills and understanding of the world.

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flickr | Joe CoyleSeoul

The Capital of South Korea; Seoul has many teaching jobs available, especially paid English teaching jobs. It has the most private and public language schools in all of South Korea. Many Universities require students on exchange programmes to help teach English in order to obtain a place at their school. It’s a very busy city with many streets like Gangnam (Yes - it’s a real place!) lined up with authentic street food to feast on. The shops and restaurants along the lively neon lit roads can be open until the early hours of the morning. The city is also circled with many temples and palaces to visit. One very unique part of South Korea is the subculture known as “bang”, something that should be experienced by all. Bang literally translates to room and there are many of these “bang” rooms to rent in Seoul featuring DVD’s, books, spa’s and other activities. This is due to many in Korea living with their large families and inviting others such as friends or partners to the home is not widely accepted or usual.

flickr | Adrián NavarroVenice

Venice is a mystical, alluring city in northern Italy. With its curious pathways and famous canals scattered throughout its Venetian Gothic architecture, it is one breath taking location. The city is built on more than 100 small islands surrounded by clear blue waves in a saltwater lagoon.  Over 250,000 people live in Venice and the city has a 7-mile long sandbar, Lido di Venezia, full of clubs, bars and restaurants. Although there are many venues to eat and drink, the city has a general laid back feel to it, perfect for those who would enjoy taking things at their own pace and relaxing. It is the perfect European destination to teach whilst enjoying the warm sunshine. The education system is of a high quality in Italy and the state has provided free education from nursery to university since 1946.

flickr | MaëlickLausanne

Lausanne sits on Lake Geneva, within the French-speaking region of Switzerland.  However, English is also widely spoken by the 130,000 occupants.  The city has many well-regarded Universities and a study from 2014 on countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed that teachers in Switzerland received the highest annual salary at an average of £41,000. This is much higher than the average salary in this country, which sits at around £30,000. But it’s not just the money that's rewarding, teaching in Lausanne allows you to live in a large international community with a melting pot of culture. Art and sports are highly valued and the city is well known for its gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral. There are also a number of museums and nature parks to wander through blissfully.

flickr | Tristan SchmurrAll of these locations would be perfect for teaching abroad in as they not only provide career advantages but offer life experiences for anyone ready to push them self onto a new adventure.

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By Simone Kelly - Online Journalism Intern

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