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5 Reasons You Should Learn To  Dive

Scuba Diving is one of life’s great pleasures. Immersing yourself deep beneath the waves allows you to discover a whole new world, and reach new depths. It is a challenge that offers unlimited rewards, and is a sport that brings people together and creates lifelong relationships! Here we explore 5 reasons you should learn to dive, if you even need any persuading…
1. Make new friends
Frontier | Madagascar
Learning a new hobby is always sociable, but there is something about scuba diving that really brings people together. People who dive share a passion for the sport that is unique and creates a rare connection, as no smart diver heads down into the big blue without a buddy to watch their back, meaning that not only are you relying on a new friend to make sure you’re ok, you are doing the same for someone else! What’s more, could you imagine seeing a school of manatees and not talking about it back in the boat? Divers love to share their experiences, and you could be doing the same, on one of our numerous Marine Conservation projects; check them out here.
2. Travel all over the world
pixabay | bosmanerwin
Scuba Diving is a unique sport that can take you to all the corners of the earth. From cold Scottish lakes, to mysterious paradises on the other side of the world, each place has its own delicate, amazing ecosystem that you are fortunate enough to see for yourself if you are a diver. Any hobby or job that offers the opportunity to move around and travel really is an opportunity worth taking, as it means that you don’t have to settle; you have the option to change your lifestyle completely or simply choose a new exotic location every time you have a long holiday. 
3. You’ll get a qualification
Frontier | Tanzania, Mafia Island
There are numerous qualifications you can get from different organisations if you want to become a diver, but the most common and most respected of them all is the PADI, which is a certificate from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This qualification kick-starts your diving journey, whether that is diving as a hobby or a career, and it looks very good on your CV. It shows that you are determined, have learnt new skills, and like to try new things – the benefits of this qualification are endless! In addition, if you want to study marine biology or something similar at university, it helps tremendously to see what you are studying up close and personally and is a requirement for many courses, so why not get a head start? Or if you are already studying at University, think about spending your summer holidays getting your PADI qualification with Frontier. 
4. Challenge yourself
Frontier | Belize
Scuba Diving isn’t just a walk in the park, and it comes with its own set of fears and skills to overcome. Whilst it is a safe sport, and any training you will receive will prepare you for any sort of difficulties you might face when you’re down there, it can be a dangerous sport, so all the skills you will learn become very important for avoiding nasty things like collapsing your lungs – but don’t worry! Whilst the sport comes with challenges, the rewards are worth it - you can trust us on that. Being able to overcome these challenges and learn and new life skill will mould you as a person. 
5. It’ll take your breath away… literally
National Park Service | Shaun Wolfe
This big, crazy planet is actually 71% water, can you believe it? Think about much is down there that you haven’t seen! By learning to dive, you are giving yourself the opportunity to see and experience things far beyond your expectations, and witness first hand worlds that most people will never see in their lifetime. However, as many people know, our oceans are in danger. The beautiful creatures that live in our waters are currently under threat due to habitat loss, pollution, and sea temperatures rising. Learning to dive may open your eyes to the reality of problems the oceans are facing at the moment, but more importantly, you can play an important part in marine conservation and reef cleans.
If you even needed any reasons you should consider diving, you’ve got them now! Not only will you learn so many skills, and how far you can push yourself, you will also have the opportunity to play an important role in learning about marine conservation and what we can all do to protect our precious seas. Frontier runs a variety of projects where you can learn to dive, with or without experience, and obtain your PADI. If being in the boat is more your thing, no problem! Frontier also runs projects which focus more on marine conservation that starts on the beach! Either way, you should dive right in…

By Fran Collis - Online Journalism Intern

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