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Top 5 Jaw Dropping  Beaches

The vastness of our planet is reflected in its beaches, and there is a setting for all. From the tranquil stillness of remote Island tides, to roaring waves of Northern lands, here we explore the top 5 breath-taking beaches across the globe in, all their different forms:

1.    Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

It’s no surprise that the Seychelles was once thought to be the location of the Garden of Eden, as it boasts the King of all beaches: Anse Source D’Argent. This beach, located on La Digue Island off the Eastern coast of Africa, is thought to be the most photographed beach in the world - and well, it’s easy to see why. Talcum-powder white sand is stroked by gentle, crystalline water. Extraordinary granite boulders tower overhead in swirling shapes, having been worn over time by the weather, as palm trees sway in the paradise breeze. There is one problem though – once you’re there, you may struggle to leave.
Flickr | Didier Baertschiger2.    Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

This beautiful beach is situated on the historic North Shore of Oahu, and its blindingly blue ocean waters have hypnotised its visitors for decades, and if surfing is your thing, you will probably have heard of the famous Sunset Beach of Hawaii before. In summer, the beach’s waters are perfectly calm, allowing anyone to swim and snorkel as they please. However, as winter approaches, so do the treacherous waves – whilst the professionals take to the powerful surfs, it is advised that you take a seat and watch how it’s done, for your own safety of course. As dawn turns to dusk, the reason for the name “Sunset Beach” becomes apparent, as the hypnotising evening colours of the sun draw a close to your day.
Flickr | 黒忍者3.    Navagio Beach, Zakynathos, Greece

Located on the north-west shore of the Ionian island Zakynthos, Navagio Beach is another beach that many have claimed to be the most beautiful in the world. Upon the shore, you will find the mysterious shipwreck, Panagiotis¸ that made the beach famous and gave it the nickname, the “Smugglers Cove”. Replicating that of a Disney pirate’s tale, this smuggler’s ship is said to have washed ashore in 1981 due to power failure, leaving behind this mysterious wreck which has drawn tourists in ever since.

Wikimedia | Nature Wallpaper4.    Luskentyre, Outer, Scotland

A wild-card choice, but stunning in its own right, Luskentyre is a sparse settlement on the west coast of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. Understandably, Scotland might not come to mind when contemplating picturesque beaches across the globe; however match the unique beauty of this enigmatic and powerful landscape. With crystal waters to match those of the Caribbean, Luskentyre beach is truly one of a kind, where you can experience a true sense of social isolation that will leave you with shivers all over, (not just from being cold, although you’ll probably get those too). You may not be surrounded by people often, but occasionally wild ponies are spotted grazing along the dunes, and if you’re lucky, you may spot the other animals who call Harris home, including; otters, seals, dolphins, eagles and deer.
 Flickr | Bill Higham 5.    Pfeiffer Beach, California

Pfeiffer Beach, located in Big Sur in California, is off the beaten path but well worth a visit due to a mystical quality it holds unique. The beach has purple sand, and whilst we like to believe this is actual magic, it’s actually nature. The colour comes from manganese garnet deposits in the rocks around the secluded coves, and the result is phenomenal. The beach is also known for its huge double-rock formation, aptly named “key hole rock”, and the secluded nature of this cove makes the beach uncrowded and unspoiled – if you need any more reasons to visit this beach, dogs are allowed to join you! We’ll meet you there.

Wikimedia | Robert BrettWhilst it’s hard to narrow down the beautiful beaches this earth has to offer to just 5, the beaches listed here all hold a mystical quality that makes them unique, and take our breath away time and time again – shore-ly they take yours away, too?

By Fran Collis - Online Journalism Intern

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