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Top 5 Most Useful Languages To Learn

Learning a language can be difficult but it is well worth the effort as it can improve your career prospects and allows you to live in other countries with ease. Some languages are spoken in multiple countries to improve worldwide communication so we list which languages can be the most useful to learn.


Mandarin is the first most common primary language in the world. 1.2 billion people speak Chinese, that’s almost 16% of the world’s population. There are many dialects of the Chinese language but Mandarin is the most commonly spoken (960 million). Mandarin is therefore one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. It originated in Beijing but is the official language of China, Taiwan and one of the four spoken in Singapore.

Travel to China and fully immerse yourself in its fascinating culture by learning the language and art of its people. Should you wish to broaden your horizons a little further, try a martial arts course during your stay or explore the region's cultural and spiritual sites. Using your newly-learned skills you'll soon make new friends both on your placement and whilst visiting some of China's most famous heritage sites such as The Great Wall and the Forbidden City.




Coming behind Mandarin, Spanish is the second most primary language in the world. 21 countries including Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru and Venezuela recognise Spanish as an official national language, meaning 440,320,916 people speak Spanish. That’s a lot of people you can get to know if you have Spanish under your belt! The reason most countries in Latin America speak Spanish is due to most of them being explored and colonised by Spain.

Travel with Frontier to the Andalusian city of Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain. Explore the area & discover its cultural riches & vast, complex heritage and learn to speak Spanish like a local. Make lifelong Spanish friends and return with incredible memories and a weather of new experiences.





275 million people speak English and there are 50 English-speaking countries with English as the official or primary language, making it the third most primary language in the world. Speaking English is a key component to many people looking for work and wanting to travel in these countries which include Botswana, Bahamas, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, The Philippines and many more. In many countries, English is part of the curriculum for school children and most are fluent by the time they are 18.

Help children across the globe speak English and gain a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification, recognised around the globe, with Frontier. We provide quality teaching to communities in 5 continents, with all age groups!




 All French-speaking countries are known as the Francophonie or the French-speaking world. It includes Canada, Belgium, Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon and many more. The French empire was a vast one, ruling around 8% of the world’s countries, so many colonies in Africa took on the French language. France no longer rules many of the countries but they still continue to speak French as a first language.

Travel with Frontier to the world-renowned city of Lyon, located in the Rhone-Alps region in East-Central France. It is the second largest city in France and has been recognised as a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1998. Immerse yourself in the French culture, making learning the French language much easier.



Portugueseflickr | Hector Garcia

Portugal had an empire with competition from Spain, France and Britain. The Portuguese managed to occupy Brazil and ruled it for over 300 years. Brazil gained independence in 1822 but still speaks Portuguese as a first language.  Other countries include Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola.

Learning Portuguese is a fine skill to have, as it will mean you can speak to over 250 million people from 4 different continents.

Embrace the passion and colour of Brazil when you visit this country of heart-breaking beauty and exotic wildlife. Brazil is without a doubt one of the most bewitching destinations for travellers seeking something special as it provides vibrant culture with great opportunities to assist worthwhile community development and conservation programs. Despite the significant progress made in women’s rights in Brazil over the past century women still face gender inequality, particularly in impoverished communities. This project gives you the opportunity to help empower these women by volunteering to teach handicraft classes and also brush up on your Portuguese.



By Meike Simms - Online Media Intern 

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