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Australia Day 2017: Top 5 Projects Down  Under

Happy Australia Day 2017! The biggest national holiday down under is a huge celebration of all things Aussie every year, so we thought we’d jump on the band wagon and celebrate the great opportunities on offer in the outback.

1. Melbourne Ethical Conservation

Boasting some of the world’s most amazing wildlife, Australia is an ideal place to land for the nature lover in you. Much of the flora and fauna is unique to Australia but unfortunately much of it is also under threat.

On the Melbourne Ethical Conservation project you’ll take part in numerous conservation projects in the world famous city and the wider state of Victoria. The project assists with land conservation and environment rehabilitation to try and restore the local ecosystems to thriving paradises once again.

These ecosystems are the natural habitat and safe haven of many of Australia’s endangered and vulnerable species that need protection.

The project includes re-vegetation efforts, tree planting, and weed and pest removal, maintaining wildlife corridors between motorways and roads and reinvigorating the habitats in general.

This project is for the outdoor enthusiasts as accommodation can typically be camping in the wilderness and living in close proximity to the wildlife and nature you’re striving to protect.
So roll your sleeves up, lace up your boots and get stuck in!

2. Australia Outback Ranch Work

Being an outback ranch worker is one of those idealistic jobs that sounds awesome and everyone wants to have a go at, well now’s your chance! Make no mistake, this work and lifestyle is tough and demanding but if you have the metal for it then it’s an amazingly rewarding way to spend your time down under.

The opportunity to travel the Aussie outback, learn new skills, meet new people and get work out of it is a chance not to be missed.

It’s not all work and no play however as the Australia Outback Ranch Work project also encompasses harbour cruises, sand-boarding on the desert dunes, days at the beach and looking for dolphins.

You’ll be based at a local ranch where you’ll be taken through many of the day to day work activities that include working with and tending to horses and cattle, camp cooking and maintenance, sheep shearing, lassoing, tractor driving and much else besides.

If you’re looking for an off the beaten track Australia experience, look no further than the Outback Ranch Work project.

3. Australia Surf Camp

There are a few things that Australia is renowned for; BBQ’s, Sport, Wallabies (more on these guys later) and of course Surfing. Australia is one of the surf capitals of the world with millions of people flocking to its shores every year to become one with the waves.

Now, it’s your turn.

Led by brilliant instructors with loads of passion and experience, the Australia Surf Camp is the perfect chance to dive right into (see what I did there) an iconic part of Australian culture. Open to complete novices or people who are half dolphin, the Surf Camp gives you the chance to explore 12 different surfing locations in between Sydney and Byron Bay.

Unlike many Australia projects where rustic is the key word, the Surf Camp boasts comfort and luxury at every turn with internet, DVD corner, great communal areas and games areas and the chance to upgrade to 3* accommodation if you so desired. After all, it’s all about taking it chill, man.

4. Australia Fruit Picking

Going in the other direction entirely to the previous entry on this Australia Day list, the project of Australia Fruit Picking is your chance to explore Australia and earn a few quid while you do it. Located on Australia’s west Coast, the Fruit Picking project allows you to spend your time working in the glorious sunshine in the rolling countryside.

It’s not all work work work though, as your days off will consists of reef snorkelling, seeing local wildlife and taking part in every adventure sport you can get your hands on.

Your living conditions will be shared with other travel minded workers who can all explore the strange and new land together. Meet new people, explore and work as you go is a great set up for travellers and this project offers each of those in abundance.

The very nature of this project means you can tailor make it to what you want. Work all over Australia if you so wish or choose your favourite parts to really get to know. Meet new people every day of your adventure and revel in all that Australia has to offer together.

5. Australia Wallaby Conservation

See, told you the Wallabies would be back and of course they are! We couldn’t do a list about exploring Australia without mentioning this legend of Australian culture!

Based in Australia’s second largest state of Queensland, the Wallaby Conservation project is geared towards looking out for and saving an animal under threat.  Wildfires, predators, prolonged drought and habitat destruction are just some of the threats to the local population of Wallaby, with less than 300 of one particular species estimated to be left in the wild.

As a volunteer, you’ll get involved in helping to run the Conservation and Research centre with tasks being anything from feeding and looking after the animals in the rescue and rehabilitation clinic and assistance with research and data collection.

The long term impact of your work can only be measured in the fulfilling feeling you’ll leave with as your help makes a real impact to the local wildlife, not to mention to boost to your C.V for having worked in animal conservation. It’s a well-rounded experience with endless upside.

So, there you have it. 5 Projects for Australia Day that encapsulate all the good stuff you could possibly want out of the amazing country. From sports to wildlife and travel to working abroad, it’s all there.

You’re looking at visas now aren’t you?

By Guy Bezant - Online Journalism Intern

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