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Careers For Travel Addicts

Travelling is an addiction, a state of being that pulls you from one direction to another, wandering from country to country constantly on the look-out for more places to explore.Whatever you desire, there is a travel-job for everyone that is hungry enough for adventure. You could trek through the jungle surrounded by wildlife or simply hide behind your laptop screen. Finding the right path takes curiosity, determination, and an adventurous spirit.

1. Teach English all over the world
Do you enjoy seeing the lights in people’s eyes when they finally get it? Do you want to a new language to children? Then teaching might be the right travel-job for you. If you are a native English speaker the best way to make it happen is by getting qualified with a TEFL certificate. On Frontier’s various teaching projects you can gain such a qualification which can be used all over the world! Some places they even pay you quite well. So whether you picture yourself in a rural village school in Cambodia or amongst children of business high-flyers in China, you definitely have a lot of opportunities as a teacher.

Check out Frontiers Teaching Projects

2. Become a yoga instructor
Everyone loves yoga and mindfulness! As a yoga instructor you could get work in many interesting countries - and if languages aren’t your strongest suit - there are often plenty of international places in which you can teach. Who knows? You could open your own yoga centre in an exotic paradise.

flickr | Jean Henrique Wichinoski3. Look after children

Orphanages, nurseries, au-pair jobs or even cruise ships! As a childcare worker you could go anywhere, but there will always be the language barrier to consider, which could influence the type of jobs available to you. Many people want their children to learn one of the major languages, so if you speak English, French, Spanish or German, you could be in high demand.

Here's a link to the Orphanage Projects.

4. Healthcare professional
Doctors and nurses are needed everywhere. As a health care professional you have the chance to have an impact by offering your skills in places that don’t have enough healthcare workers especially doctors. Same goes for veterinarians and dentists – healthcare is universal, at least most people would like it to be.

Take a look at the Frontiers Medical Projects.

5. Life guard
Although it might be more of a summer thing, working as a life guard can take you far. Spend your days keeping an eye on tourists on a beach and enjoy your time off exploring new places in the sun. Not too bad, is it?

flickr | tangi bertin6. Professional coconut protection officer
As much as this might sound as a made-up job title, it actually exist some places. According to an article in the telegraph this rare job title can be found on the US Virgin Islands!

flickr | Pat McGrath7. Work in a hostel
As a backpacker, hostel work can be a great way to get free accommodation on your travels. You could even work your way around different countries by taking up work in hostels – and the best part is that you get to meet a lot of travellers who are eager to socialise! So if you are not the shy type, why not?

flickr | Emily May8. Diplomat
Might be slightly less of a gypsy life; however it does offer great opportunities to explore new cultures and be surrounded by political affairs. First of all you need a good education – bachelor and often a master within an appropriate subject as well as a lot of experience. Volunteering abroad can be a great way to explore your own interests and abilities. Knowledge of other languages and cultures is important as well.   

flickr | Max Klingensmith9. A high-flying business professional
For some travellers this might sound awfully dull, but it could leave others bubbling with excitement. In most professions within big companies there will be plenty of opportunities to travel around to different offices and attend meetings far away from your office chair. However, this is mainly for senior people and becoming a senior means dedicating some time climbing the career ladder – an activity that scares many travel-addicts!

flickr | Nick Harris10. Freelancer
There are a lot of jobs you could potentially do from anywhere in the world: Build websites and graphic design, work as a translator, work as a photographer or a freelance journalist. Blogging is also a way to make money, but it requires time and dedication.  

flickr | Giorgio Montersino11. Wildlife, animals and conservation
The world is in need of rescue and this inconvenient truth has created lots of jobs for people who are passionate about nature and wildlife. All over the world you can find work at animal sanctuaries and shelters, research based jobs within conservation, climate change adaption programs and much more. So how do you get a job like that? Depending on the field you wish to pursue, some degree of education and experience is required. This could be a degree in veterinary science, biology, environmental science or similar. With Frontier you have the chance to gain a qualification in conservation as well as real experience in the field. This could be the right way to kick-start your career as a travelling wildlife-addict!

Here's the link to the Frontiers Wildlife Consevation Projects.

12. Archaeologist: Explore the past
Imagine travelling to Egypt to dig holes all day while looking for lost treasures from our past? Get your hands dirty and explore caves and ancient places as an archaeologist! With fierce competition and only a few jobs you will need a lot of experience as well as a degree. People often volunteer at field projects alongside real archaeologists– whatever you can get your hands on. Do it!

flickr | William Warby13. A Tour Guide
Do you have a lot of knowledge about particular destinations and places you could make money doing tours for English-speaking tourist – or many other languages depending on your skills. Another option is to get qualified as a tour guide and apply to work for travel companies abroad.

14. Oceanographer

Do you wish to combine sea life with laboratory research? Do you like math and science? Then life an oceanographer might be just the right choice for you. The job allows you to study the sea as a whole to better understand eco-systems and collect samples and tests for research. Although there are many specialisations, you will need some sort of qualification and often oceanographers are qualified scuba divers. With Frontier you can get started straight away on one of our many marine conservation courses: Combine studying, scuba diving and fun!

15. Professional adventurer

As a true adrenaline junkie you might just want to dive, bumpy jump or do something crazy all the time. So why not become an adventure tour guide? Or a scuba diving instructor? Experience is key! You will need to get qualified as an instructor in the area you wish to pursue. Why not get qualified as a windsurfing instructor in Australia, or embark on a crew sailing course?  You could also learn a skill from scratch with Frontier’s many adventure sport projects!

Check out the Frontier New Zealand Adrenaline Junkie Project!

16. Ships, airplanes or a truck!
Transportation is something most people need in order to travel, so it’s probably no surprise that you also get to see quite a few places if you work within that sector. As a pilot you get to see the world from the top as well as explore airports around the globe. You could also consider working on a ship? Or maybe drive a truck through the whole of Europe? It might not be as glamourous as a pilot job, but it can be a lot more relaxing.

flickr | Ryndon Ricks17. Gypsy-life: from one job to another
Does the idea of a permanent job scare you? A life on the road could be the answer. Websites like workaway.com allows you to apply for jobs such as farm work, hostel jobs, construction projects and much more. But finding work this way might be more risky and you need to trust your instincts. Wandering the roads from town to town requires quite a bit of experience, so if this is your chosen path, makes sure you get all the travel and work experience you can before hitting the roads!

So what now? Whether you are a school-leaver, student or graduate, there are always opportunities out there. So, if you desire to get a real travel-job one day you need to get yourself out there and explore – there is a reason why they call you a travel-addict, right? With Frontier you can see the world and volunteer at the same time! It’s a great way to explore for people who are thirsty for travel but need more experience before doing it on their own.

By Caroline Edwards

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