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Top 5: Winter Destinations

Winter isn't for everyone but maybe Frontier can convince you to follow the snow with our Top 5 Destinations to travel to this Winter, including Adventure Trips and Educational Trips across the globe!


Antarctica – Voyage

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Antarctica is more accessible than you might think, despite being the only place on Earth uninhabited by man and now protected by many nations to ensure the protection of its natural beauty and resources (Ross Sea). When the first explorers entered Antarctica they could never have prepared themselves for the perilous and beautiful landscape of the continent. Perhaps the most famous early expedition to Antarctica, named the Terra Nova Expedition, was in 1911 by Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. The two men fought to be the first to reach the South Pole. Amundsen’s team won but they didn’t make it back due to unpredicted conditions, to the discovery of Scott’s team.

Never fear, since then, we have educated ourselves on the seasonal shifts of Antarctica and what challenges they face for human explorers and the wildlife living within the frozen landscape. This is mostly thanks to the teams bravery and the permanent research base located at the South Pole, named The Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.

Wildlife may often be scare but the largest variety of species in the continent reside in the Antarctic Peninsula including elephant seals, fur seals, Adélie penguins, emperor penguins and many seabirds. All these species rely, in some way, on the Antarctic krill that surround the Peninsula and the rest of the continent. Few people get the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and wonder at their resilience to the harsh conditions of Antarctica.

It’s not just the wildlife that is stunning, the towering icebergs, glaciers and mountain ranges will take your breath away. So why not take a voyage that only few have had the privilege to experience.

Explore the Land and Sea of Antarctica through hiking, kayaking and camping whilst learning about the scientific and natural challenges threatening this unique and fascinating part of the world.

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New Zealand - Ski Safari

 Safaris are not just for the Savannahs of Africa! Explore the magnificent raw beauty and indigenous people of New Zealand on skies in an adventure like no other.

From epic scenery, mind boggling fjords, dramatic mountains, and a rich culture boasting unique traditions, travelling through New Zealand is an unforgettable experience. The skiing opportunities will satisfy any adrenaline junkies and hunters of stunning scenery.

Explore the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand. Wanaka and Queenstown host world class ski resorts, offering excellent learner facilities as well as a wide range of terrain for all abilities across four diverse ski areas and 6 different mountains, including the best runs and powder-stashes New Zealand has to offer by day.

The après ski culture is rife in New Zealand and when the morning after arrives why not take a dip into the mountain lake to get your blood pumping for another full day of skiing.

Undertake this epic ski safari of the South Island, hitting 6 different mountains over 7 days and exploring the best runs and powder-stashes that New Zealand has to offer. The flexible itinerary allows you to tailor your trip, and the extensive knowledge of our experienced guides will ensure you get the most out of your New Zealand adventure. 

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Canada – Kayaking Trip and Husky Ranch Adventure

 Canada is home to many stunning landscapes and marvelous wildlife, on land and in the oceans. Hike in the wilderness and see Caribou, Snowy Owls, Grey Wolves, Black Bears and Beavers. The river run-off from mountains, nearby ocean currents and upwelling’s provide nutrients to one of the most productive water systems on earth. This allows Orcas, seabirds, sea lions, Minke whales, Beluga whales and Humpback whales to thrive. 

The Broughton Archipelago consists of hundreds of small islands, some of which are only numbered rather than named. These islands are surrounded by small channels which are spectacular to kayak around in order to reduce disturbance to any wildlife.

A kayak trip like no other allows you to explore the stunning seascapes and scenic paddling of the Archipelago before entering into the Johnstrone Strait. It has a strong ocean current so must be travelled with care but your guides will show you how to navigate the slack tide.  

Costal First Nations have inhabited these islands for many years and evidence of their existence still persists. Visit native ruins and village sites on your kayaking journey and learn about how they lived in these hidden islands.

Link to Canada Kayak Trip Here


Prefer to explore Canada on dry land? Then why not adopt the transport of the Inuit people by Husky dogsledding. This is the most efficient way of travelling across the snowy terrain of Canada. Early European explorers decided to use the method when hauling goods across the country because it was so profitable for trade!

The explorers used the sleds to explore mile after mile of untamed wonder from the white-capped mountains to the lush fertile forests, with the Northern Lights lighting their path overhead. You can explore Canada on sled, basking in the wonders of the seasons.

Siberian Huskies are built for sledding and you can have the opportunity to love and take care of a group of these gentle giants in a small family run ranch. Situated in the most remote northern corner of mainland Canada, between the frosty Beaufort Sea and thousands of Artic lakes, you will be able to explore the surrounding area while learning how to sled and care for your new Huskie pals.

Carve into the fresh blankets of snow during the Arctic winter than see the tundra transform as the ice melts and spring arrives. Observe the bears, wolves and Caribou emerging from their winter hide-outs to embrace the fresh greenery and warm spring sun.

Link to the Canada Arctic Husky Ranch Adventure Here


France – Ski Instructor Course

 Do you want to ski and be paid for it? Than look no further than a Ski Instructor Course.

In many European countries, skiing is a way of life. Later, Finnish and Icelandic mythological tales spoke of skiing heroes. So much so in fact that Finnish and Icelandic legends speak of the goddess Skadi leaving her husband Njord to pursue skiing because of her greater love for the sport and the mountains.

Since then, the Alps have been a haven for skiers worldwide and the French Alps is no exception. Espace Killy is a world famous resort consisting Tignes and Val d’Isère. Val d’Isère was one of the first ski resorts to be developed and is arguably the most glitzy of them all.  Partnered with Tignes it offers 300km of piste, endless off piste and the most challenging slopes in Europe. It’s no wonder Espace Killy has been rated the best all-round resort in the world!

Not only do you get to ski all day, but also become educated on what it takes to be a ski instructor by the most experienced group of qualified ski instructors in the Alps, including British Demo Team members and BASI examiners. The 10 week course involves a balance of practice and coaching, along with post raining support. You will gain an internationally recognised Ski Instructor qualification, allowing you to follow the snow wherever it goes across the globe.

Full Course Details Here

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UK – Outdoor Instructor Scheme


The United Kingdom has a variety of different landscapes to get your teeth stuck into. Outdoor instructors must be durable and flexible and this is something you can learn on a 4 month intensive training scheme in the heart of Snowdonia.

Snowdonia National Park is situated in the mountainous region of North Wales. The name derives from the highest peak called Snowdon. In Welsh, the mountain is called ‘Eryri’, meaning Highlands, as it is the tallest peak in the whole of Wales. The National Park is home to many species and terrains but it is most famous for the Snowdon lily, the rainbow-coloured Snowdon beetle and the Snowdonia hawkweed, which are only found in Snowdonia.

Hiking is very popular upon these mountains but other activities include kayaking, open canoeing, ice climbing and rock climbing. Become proficient in all these activities whilst gaining knowledge in orienteering, first aid, risk awareness and hazard management, in order to enhance your career prospects as you work to achieve professional qualifications to become a qualified instructor. 

In the heart of Snowdonia, is the stunning rural setting that houses the National Mountain Centre where your base will be.

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By Meike Simms - Online Media Intern 

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