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Christmas Volunteering  Opportunities

Father Christmas may bring presents but he can’t bring you these amazing experiences from only £150! See our list of Christmas volunteer projects this festive season, to have a truly life-changing gift this Christmas.

 Christmas in Costa Rica – Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation

Escape the cold this Christmas and volunteer in the rainforest of Costa Rica, home to 500,000 species and the highest density of species of any country in the world!

You will gain a skillset in conservation field research skills including primate observation-based studies, turtle monitoring, tracking big cats, butterfly surveys and otter studies by the riverside.

Stay on our newly developed research camp on the edge of Corcovado National Park with enthusiastic and energetic volunteers and aid in the conservation of Costa Rica’s most endangered species and threatened habitats. The groundbreaking survey work helps local governments assess the impact of climate change, habitat degradation, pollution and poaching in the rainforest by providing baseline data. 

Christmas in Fiji – Beach Conservation

It’s a white Christmas, but not in the way you think! It couldn’t get any better than spending Christmas in a hammock on a white sand beach, surrounded by palm trees and a huge diversity of species. As the night creeps in take a swim/snorkel before going to a Fijian beach party with whirling fire dancers, traditional dancing and delectable food cooked in a traditional underground oven.

Fiji is home to over 1,200 species and 12 species of whales, all who rely on the coastal sea shore for survival. Become a guardian of the coast by helping monitor and conserve the costal sea shores and spot rare marine wildlife in the crystal clear ocean. Participate in beach clean ups and environmental education days in local schools and community groups to ensure the beach stays clean and white for many Christmas’ to come


Christmas in Tenerife - Whale & Dolphin Conservation

The Canary Islands are known as the ‘Islands of the Fortunate’ and you definitely will be fortunate to visit the largest island, Tenerife. Christmas comes early for any cetacean lover in Tenerife, with 24 species migrating through the waters at different times each year. Situated in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, it is the perfect place to view whale and dolphin species in the surrounding waters, as well as the other beautiful and diverse species on the island itself.

The trip will help you understand the importance of eco-tourism to the conservation of species, as you head out on tourist boats to study the species and interact with tourists about these incredible creatures. You will gain knowledge in cetacean cataloguing, maintenance of cetacean and marine fauna identification and how to raise public awareness of issues surrounding the research, on top of working with volunteers from around the world. 

You will stay at the Frontier Tenerife house, cooking BBQ’s on the grill in the garden then heading out into town or to the beach. Visit the world’s third largest volcano and enjoy other fun excursions around the island.

Christmas in Belize – Beach Conservation

Snorkel and dive in the Caribbean coasts pristine waters, home to manatees, coral reefs, cetaceans, sea turtles, rays and mangroves forests. Love to explore areas like this? Help Frontier ensure the future of these habitats by charting and monitoring the areas, as well as recording population numbers, and providing the data to the Belize Fisheries Department.

Gain a PADI dive qualification whilst exploring the world’s second largest barrier reef. You will gain immense satisfaction from knowing that you have helped protect these precious natural resources for future generations.

You will be staying on the beach camp in Caye Caulker with Frontier volunteers and staff members. Make lifelong friends and return with incredible stories, photos and memories. Wearing a Father Christmas hat is optional.

Christmas in Madasgascar – Wildlife Conservation Adventure

Receive the best present this Christmas, helping save a species from extinction, whilst having an adventure! Aid our Frontier team on the ‘scented island’  of Nosy Be with research that informs local governments about how to conserve the forests of Madagascar. Spend your free time relaxing in hammocks and participating in activities like snorkeling until the sun goes down. When it’s time for bed, sleep under the stars at our beach camp. 

The island is famous for its endemic species, found nowhere else in the world. Being surrounded by beautiful blue seas it’s anyone’s idea of a dream; however, it does make species on the island extremely vulnerable to deforestation. Recent assessments made by the IUCN show that Lemurs are now the most endangered group of vertebrates in the world, with 94 species being classified as threatened with extinction

You will learn how to assess lemur and other species biodiversity by compiling species lists, setting up trap sites, mapping vegetation and carrying out leaf-litter surveys. Along with these skills, you will assess human disturbance and communicate with the local community on the research group’s education outreach days.

Beach Conservation

Love the sound of a Christmas adventure in Madagascar but prefer to spend your time snorkeling? No worries, you can also stay at our beach camp and aid in the conservation of the local coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Let the vibrant culture and friendly communities warmly welcome you. Swim and snorkel from the beach to explore this pristine seascape and you'll discover extensive areas of undamaged coral, healthy populations of multi-coloured fish, swim with turtles and marine mammals and learn to recognise a wide diversity of inter-tidal animals from tiny hermit crabs to pastel-hued anemones.

Alongside these activities, you will participate in local community environmental education and teaching conversational English.


Christmas in Tanzania - Beach Conservation

What makes Tanzania stand out from our other Beach Conservation projects? Not only will you be diving in world-class scuba-diving sites full of whale sharks, turtles, rays and undamaged coral, you will be teaching English to the vibrant cultural communities on Mafia Island.

Gain a skillset in teaching English, environmental education, observing and identifying a range of coastal species, snorkeling and scuba diving.

On shore apart from relaxing on the island's perfect, undeveloped beaches, you may have the chance to work in the lush mangrove forests and unique ecosystems which straddle water and land. Or you could learn about the activities of the traditional fishermen, as well as discovering and reporting which marine organisms are being sustainably harvested and which are being dangerously depleted.

The activities you'll carry out will be rewarding and exciting, and hugely beneficial to Mafia Island Marine Park's conservation efforts, as well as being amazing fun! At the end of the day you will gain immense satisfaction from knowing that you have helped in the effort to save this precious marine wilderness, protecting it for future generations. What better gift can you give this Christmas?

Do you want to give the gift of giving? Frontier has wildlife conservation, marine conservation and community projects all year round. See our full list of projects here.

By Meike Simms - Online Media Intern 

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