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How Travelling Will Improve Your CV And Interviews

Qualities people develop whilst travelling are skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives. These skills will enhance career opportunities as applications have a much higher chance of standing out.  

Unique work and volunteering experiences

By working abroad, you have proved you are not afraid of working in unknown environments. It is not easy working in environments that are not familiar, with barriers such as language and cultures getting in the way. By overcoming these barriers, you are showing you have courage and determination. Volunteering in gap years are actively encouraged by employers. In a YouGov survey, 63% of HR professionals said that those who have taken a constructive gap year of volunteering or working abroad had an application that stood out from the rest.

Increased life skills

Planning a gap year and to go travelling isn’t easy. There is a high chance you will meet obstacles along your way, these may be stressful at first, however you will get better at learning to deal with problems and thinking more practically. Travelling is all about dealing with unfamiliar situations, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zones. Learning to take control of a situation is a vital skill.

Travelling will make you a more organised person, as planning a trip means being in charge of a budget. Budgeting is a hugely important skill that is needed in every business. If you can successfully map out and stick to a budget, it shows you have self-control, a logical way of thinking, and the ability to make the most out of your resources.

Increased confidence

Travelling shows you are a social and adventurous person, who is able to communicate with a wide range of people. This is important to an employer as communication is essential in a business. Even if you don’t speak a foreign language fluently, it shows you have the ability to get by using unique communication methods. It shows you can work with people with different backgrounds, negotiate, and relate to others.

Life experience

Having incredible experiences to pull examples from during interviews will increase confidence and help connect with the interviewer on a more personal level and created a more interesting and relaxed interview. You can show the employer examples of times during travelling where you faced problems and thought of solutions to overcome them.  Perhaps having to deal with foreign legal systems or speaking in different languages.


Travelling with a group of people involves sharing ideas, planning trips together and constantly helping each other. During interviews, team work questions can be answered through experience of travelling in groups. Team work is valuable in every business, as contributing ideas working cooperatively is essential. Teamwork is all about being able to operate smoothly and efficiency within a group, increasing skills like the ability to compromise and the ability to encourage and inspire other team members.


By Sophie Young - Work Shadow Student 

This article was written by one of our work shadowing students who joined the marketing team for a day.  The work shadowing day offers the chance for 16-18 year old students to come to our London HQ and shadow a member of our team. The departments they can work in are events, marketing, research and development, UK operations or overseas operations. This provides a great opportunity for students with an interest in environmental conservation or volunteer travel to give them a taste for what a career working for an NGO in this industry would be like.

If you are interested in this opportunity or know someone that might be then please email info@frontier.ac.uk to find out more information and register your interest for potential work shadowing days in the future.

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