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The Signs That Prove You Are A Real Traveller

Once you have embarked on your first ever trip, you will be sure to get the travel bug – the excitement of take-off to a new destination to the first experience of the smells and impressions of a new country. With one trip, your outlook on life can change and you become a traveller.

Lessons you have learnt long ago

At first you were inexperienced, but those times are long gone! Now you can look at first time travellers, at the airport with excess luggage because they haven’t figured out they can just wash clothes on the road. You can laugh at the time when you had no idea how to budget and ended up making “I need a dollar” the anthem of your trip. It’s all obvious now; public transport saves you a fortune, you need to factor in little expenses such as airport lockers, drinks when there is to water available, souvenirs…
Accidents happen – you learnt it the hard way. You have gotten ill at the worst possible moment and have scratches here and there; they are marks of an adventurer. After all, you are jumping off boats, off with wildlife, hiking steep mountains; by now you know how to bandage a foot to finish the round trip back to base camp and know how  get over an upset stomach.

Most importantly, you learnt long ago that even if you travel alone, you are never truly alone. Every plane, waiting area, bus journey and hostel room could has a new travel companion waiting for you!

5 things travellers never do

Turn down anything free

flickr | Matthew GIgnore a wifi spot or a free power socket

flickr | Karen BryanEnjoy “just staying home” for a while

flickr | JON_CFChoose sleep over a new experience

flickr | Thank you for visiting my pageSkip a destination because it just “doesn’t seem interesting”

What makes a traveller

With so many stamps in your passport you are a seasoned traveller. But travelling is about so much more than just collecting stamps and having seen so many corners of the world. Whenever someone tells an anecdote it reminds you of a story of your travels – someone you met or something you saw. You have had more casual jobs than you can count, some of them in languages you don’t speak, making just enough to finance your next trip. Your language skills are getting better thanks to your Facebook friends from all around the world! Facebook is a platform to share travel pictures and make friends back home jealous, right?

flickr | Rajarshi MITRAMost importantly, what makes a traveller is the wanderlust within, the jealously when listening to others’ travels. Long journeys have become easy: a neck pillow, a book, music and you are ready to go! All you need is to plan your next trip. Who are we kidding, when are you NOT planning a trip?

By Claire Herbaux  Online Journalism Intern

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