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Travel the world as a volunteer

You can always volunteer at the local food shelter or RSPCA, which is very noble and helps out your community but once you are ready to leave home and travel, you can still volunteer and help out across the world. Whether in a community or with wildlife, or even putting your teaching or medical skills to work, there is always someone who will embrace it and be grateful for your help.

Take a look at how Frontier can take you to the seven continents:

North America
Canada Indigenous Community Experience 

The only way to truly get to know the indigenous community of Canada is to live with them and experience the lifestyle. No museum or community centre will give you the insight you will get spending a few weeks with the locals.

The Canada Indigenous Community Experience takes you right into the Okanagan area in British Columbia, to the heart of the Secwepemc Nation.

Living on the reserve you get to interact with locals, see their traditions and help in the day-to-day work of the group; from teaching at school to helping in healthcare, activities, and agriculture. One day you may be in a kitchen, the next in a day care and yet another day you may be helping with housing, or technology, or administration. The possibilities are endless. As in any community, there is always a need for an extra pair of hands. In exchange you will be discovering a very special lifestyle and have enough time to explore, hike, kayak or maybe get to know sled dogs a little better.

Tanzania Beach Conservation

This project is located on Mafia Island, a few miles off the coast of Tanzania. For a couple of weeks, this will be your home. As part of the project, volunteers work with the Mafia Island Marine Park to provide locals with the right tools to take care of their beaches as marine life. That means teaching English to improve their employability as well as community work and environmental education. As part of the research programme volunteers go out on boats and record data, see reefs and corals.
The camp is built with traditional techniques and local building supplies, adding to the ethical and authentic adventure.

Cambodia Teaching in Siem Reap

You can fulfil your required teaching hours for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification teaching keen and enthusiastic children in Cambodia.

Due to poverty, many children in the area cannot attend school and are grateful for the English lessons they get from volunteers. The experience of teaching children who are so appreciative of the opportunity to learn is incredibly rewarding. For them, literacy is the way out of homelessness and poverty.

Like any other school, weekends are free and teachers have time to explore the area and get to know the culture.

South America
Ecuador Medical Internship 

As a medical student or qualified doctor or nurse, you can volunteer on a whole new level! Making use of these skills and helping in healthcare activities is vital in medical internships.

In Ecuador, volunteers are in a hospital in Quito, shadowing doctors and nurses. Depending on experience, the internship is more hands-on and volunteers take medical histories, diagnosis, prescriptions and basic medical care. It is an invaluable experience for medical students and is an opportunity to get to know the country and culture of Ecuador.

What is better than to gain experience in your field and temporarily be at home in the Amazon, with tropical wildlife and a vibrant culture?

Greece – Turtle Conservation

What better office than a beach on a peninsula in southern Greece? Volunteers on the Turtle Conservation Project help to protect the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. While it is important to record nesting activity and preserve the turtles’ habitat, it is also important to simply raise public awareness of the species.

Together with a local organisation, Frontier volunteers monitor hatching nests, relocate nests that are in danger of inundation by sea water and clean up the beaches to prepare for the nesting season.
Is there a more peaceful way to start the day than to roam the beaches to look for turtle tracks or baby turtles?

Australia Wallaby Rescue

Australia is the place to be! The weather, the beaches, the koalas … the wallabies! Imagine being able to live with them and care for a little injured wallaby. Getting up close with Australian animals isn’t easy, but this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Even though we see these native animals as cute and wonderful, many are hit and injured in road accidents or shot. Wallabies are very inquisitive and friendly and are prone to injury or abandonment. It also makes them lovely patients and volunteers hand-feed and take care of them – as well as other wildlife – on their way to recovery.

Antarctica Voyage 

The one uninhabited continent, the one hardly anyone has ever been to, the one you hardly consider in travel plans: Antarctica!

No humans, but an abundance of wildlife and natural wonders to explore, and eleven days to see it all. This Trekking Project covers the landscapes and wildlife of the Antarctic Peninsula, starting off in southern Argentina. It is about getting to know the continent on and off-shore with hiking trips, kayaking and camping and seeing as much as possible of the environment. While observing  icebergs, glaciers and mountain ranges whilst watching wildlife such as seals, birds and penguins in their natural habitat, it is also about understanding the scientific and natural challenges threatening this unique part of the world.

By Claire Herbaux – Online Journalism Intern

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