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Into The Wild Meets: Stephen and Jess From Flying The Nest

Stephen & Jess are a young Australian couple who have a passion for travelling, filmmaking & photography and regularly combine all three. They started their blog, www.flyingthenest.tv, in September 2014 so they could document all their travels and remember them for a lifetime. They are now full time travellers and share everywhere they go and everything they’ve learnt to their loyal readers. Unique destinations inspire unique posts and keep everyone reading their blog on their toes. We asked Stephen & Jess a couple of questions to get a feel for what inspired them to start travelling & what they cannot live without while exploring the world.

1.  What was the inspiration to start your worldwide travels?

We honestly get inspired from the smallest things. Whether a favourite travel photographer has taken the perfect shot or we see an amazing video on YouTube - the smallest sparks of inspiration can end up planning a whole trip. We of course, like everyone else want to see major sights like Paris and Machu Picchu but one of our favourite trips came from seeing Flo Rida (yes the rapper) skydive over the Palm in Dubai - we just had to do it after seeing the music video.

2.  Have you always had an interest in other countries & culture?

There has been an interest in other cultures within Stephen ever since he was young and moved from South Africa to Australia and seeing how different the two cultures were. I think that first interaction with an unknown culture in their home country is a great way to spark interest in travel.

3.  How did you fund your excursions? Were there moments when you were far from home and strapped for cash?

We fund all of our travels including accommodation, flights and food ourselves as well some of our activities. One of the perks of running a travel blog and YouTube channel is that we do get to team up with some amazing companies that show us parts of the world that we wouldn’t be able to fund in a normal getaway, so that certainly helps. Otherwise we tend to be quite good with our money as we always book the essentials (Flights, accommodation, visas etc.) before we leave - this way the money that we use whilst abroad is spending money for drinks, food and optionals. So if we go a bit crazy one day on spending it is only our fault that we can’t eat like kings the next day but this money is separate to the essentials.

Flying The Nest4.  When has it been hard to travel as a couple? What are the challenges?

Without getting too mushy and relationship advice-mode on you we definitely agree that having a stable relationship before travel is important. As they say - you will know if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone if you both make it through a trip abroad unscathed. Prior to getting engaged we both had separate spending monies and had an agreement that mine was mine and hers was hers. This helped so much as there was no obligation to pay for ones dinners or tours. We both knew we wanted to travel the world and we both knew that we had worked hard for our money - so no spending each other’s money for brownie points. However now that we are engaged we share the same bank account but after being together for nearly 8 years we have had no dramas in relation to money.

5.  What’s your favourite adventure sport? Is that your favourite part of travelling?

We absolutely love scuba diving. Once you do it you will never go back to snorkelling as you are able to see so much more of the underworld. No I wouldn’t say it is our favourite part of travelling - it is a great addition though.

6.  What three things do you always pack?

Laptop, camera and plenty of clean underwear - you never know when you will find a convenient washing machine.

Flying The Nest 7.  When did you decide to start chronicling your travelling through videos & blog posts?

We decided to chronicle our travels about mid 2014. Our blog was launched on September 13th 2014 and our daily YouTube vlogs were launched on February 9th 2015. Since these two dates we have shared daily videos and daily blog posts.

8.  Do you always travel together?

We do now, yes. However, over our relationship we have had a few trips without each other.

9.What’s the biggest ‘first world problem’ you complain about while travelling?

Oh there are so many - I think we dedicated a whole a post on this a few weeks ago. I think the biggest is just not having money to throw away. Just about every cent we make is reinvested back into travelling so there is very little wiggle room to just go out and buy new clothes, go out to the movies or even get the latest iPhone.

Flying The Nest10.  What’s the best piece of advice you can give to fellow travellers?

Just do it. If you want to go out and travel just go out and travel. We left behind full time salaries, friends and family members to go out and explore the world. If you are worried about your job there will always be work waiting for you when you return, if you are worried about friends and family members there are so many ways to keep it contact with them thanks to the kagillion apps out there. If you are worried about a relationship, just ask them to come with you.

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