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Top 5 Gap Year Drinks

A Gap Year gives you the opportunity to travel the world and immerse yourself in as many different cultures as you can imagine. It is also a chance to let your hair down and relax without the pressures of academic deadlines looming in the near future. It is therefore no surprise that many gap year travellers find themselves tasting one (or probably more) of these locally brewed beverages!

Chang- Thailand  

flickr / houseofthailand.comIf you ever visit Thailand then I imagine you will have come across Chang. Not only can the name be seen in the bars of Bangkok but the logo is seemingly plastered all across the island, whether it’s on advertising boards or on the vests of gap year travellers. Although the beer is originally brewed in Thailand the drink can be seen all across Asia and beyond and seems synonymous with gap year travellers!

Tiger- Malaysia

flickr / Sarah TwitchellSimilar to Chang, Tiger has seen the benefits of creating t-shirts and vests with its logo. Like a walking advertising board, gap year travellers tend to don these Tiger vests as they weave their way around what Asia has to offer! The drinks origins are from the vibrant and exciting Malay culture which may be the reasons behind its popularity. If you’ve been on a gap year to this region of the world, perhaps you’ve tasted this and have the t-shirt to prove it!

Carib – Caribbean
flickr / kelly reevesThe Caribbean is an ideal location for gap year travels. It’s so easy to be enchanted by the beautiful scenery and exhilarating culture that many travellers never want to leave. Those who do leave will probably be dreaming of returning to the beaches with a Carib in hand! What could be more relaxing than looking out across the Caribbean Sea whilst sipping on a local brew? With its origins in the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Carib is a drink which is an icon of island living!   

Asahi – Japan
flickr / @ccfoodtravelA trip to Japan is unlike any other. The culture and lifestyle can be a stark contrast to what many gap year travellers are used to. The streets of Tokyo are sometimes relentless so it’s important to wind down after a busy day fighting against the hustle and bustle. What better way to do that then sipping on a cold Asahi? Travellers can take temporary shelter from the vibrancy of Japan to kick back with Japan’s premium drink. It’s cold and crisp taste is the perfect way to relax with new found friends!

Star– Nigeria

flickr / Ben Sutherland When setting off on a gap year adventure you will experience some of the most exciting cultures of the world and this is certainly true if you visit the diverse continent of Africa. It may not have the same reputation that gap year destinations such as Thailand have but nevertheless, Nigeria is a country which will blow your mind. When there, be sure to sample the delights of their naturally brewed leading beer, Star. This brand may well have reached out to a global market but to drink a bottle of Star in its country of origin is an experience not to be missed. Just ask any gap year traveller!

There is no better feeling than relaxing with friends after a long and exciting day of travelling. Kicking back whilst looking over new and wonderful landscapes is one of the many benefits of travel and sipping on a locally brewed beverage makes the experience even sweeter! If you’ve been on a gap year you will have probably sampled more than one of these iconic drinks. Equally, if you are about to set off on your travels then you have all of these to look forward to! 

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Ben Church

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