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Top 5 Strangers of the Deep

The deep ocean is an environment not made for man and we still know very little about its inhabitants. In the murky depths of our oceans, strange marine-life stalk the ocean floor almost unseen, until now! Check out this list which is full of weird and wonderful creatures you may never have heard of and hope you never see again!

Frilled Shark

Flickr / Mario Sanchez BuenoThe frilled shark is one of the most peculiar looking sharks and they lurk in the world’s deepest oceans. Their serpents like body and frightening lizard head makes them one of the most terrifying deep sea creatures.  They are very much eel like in appearance but their large tooth-filled mouths are no laughing matter! They are perhaps one of the less known sharks but never the less it’s certainly one of the most scary.

Atlantic Wolffish

Flickr / Kamil Porembinski

One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t want to bump into this fishy looking creature when scuba diving! The truth is you probably couldn’t because it lives in the deepest corners of the North Atlantic Ocean and only tend to appear when feeding. Its gruesome facial features and horrifying jaw have earnt it nicknames such as Sea Wolf and Devil Fish (http://britishseafishing.co.uk/atlantic-wolffish/). Its powerful bite crushes its prey which tends to consist of Crabs, Lobsters and other unfortunate sea dwellers. They are certainly one of the strangest looking fish!  

Giant Spider Crab

Flickr / Christopher PuchtaAt the bottom of our most remote oceans lives the most frightening crustacean of all. Inhabiting the waters around Japan the Giant Spider Crab is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Its wiry legs are a thing of nightmares and its claws can cause some serious damage. They will pretty much eat anything they can so be sure not to tread to close! These monsters can also live a very long time, even by human terms, so these bad boys will be around for a long time. They are also incredibly hard to catch due to their deep sea dwellings and are rarely seen in the wild.

Red-Lipped Batfish

Flickr / Rein KetelaarsEver seen a fish with lipstick on? Well, take a look at this peculiar creature which scuttles around the sea bed in the Galapagos. They have these comical red lips but they are no laughing matter. For any small fish or crustacean which crosses its path, this fish will have them for breakfast. When fully grown, these strange creatures use their dorsal fin as a lure to attract any unwitting fish that come their way. They are not the best of swimmers though and are more suited to walking the sea bed using their highly adapted pectoral fin.

Ghost Shark

Flickr / NOAA Ocean ExplorerThis shark like fish is perhaps the most haunting of all the deep sea dwellers on this list. The Ghost Shark, known also as Chimaera, is closely related to the Shark species and ghosts its way around the very deepest waters. They are particularly weak swimmers so are best suited to the stillness of the ocean bed but are still very effective hunters. Their elongated snout like projection acts as a sensory organ to track down any potential meals!

You are unlikely to ever find yourself in the ocean deep and be grateful. You wouldn’t want to swim close to any of these strange marine creatures. They are all highly adapted to life at the bottom of the ocean and hopefully they will remain at those murky depths!

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By Ben Church  

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