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Is Renewable Energy a Reality?

Frontier Costa RicaIt’s true that the world is suffering from the use of too many fossil fuels and burning down resources which do not grow on trees. Many countries are guilty of this, but there is still hope. Costa Rica has achieved being fossil fuel free for 75 days relying completely on hydropower plants. There are a few countries that have become much more efficient in terms of energy use, but Costa Rica has broken ground being the first place to rely solely on renewable energy for an extended period of time.

A Perfect Environment

Steve Jurvetson/FlickrCosta Rica has it easier than a lot of other countries in terms of using renewable energy. The heavy rainfall which helped them go 75 days was the main reason for the clean energy use. But it also has topographical features all around the country – such as volcanoes – which lend themselves to creating a more natural use of the environment. The population of Costa Rica is only around 5,000,000 which compared to somewhere like America with a population of 953,000,000 so they have both less space and people who need the energy. Yet, it is still incredible that even a small place of the world could achieve this and show us that renewable energy is not just a dream – we can actually make it happen!

The Reverse Effect

Takver/FlickrEnvironmental issues have been a big part of the news, it is vital that the population know about these issues so the situation can improve. It has become clearer to the majority that the earth is being massively affected by our environmental footprint and it is now in the hands of the people to reverse the effects of global warming. It’s especially important that countries that have a lot of dominance around the world begin to take these issues seriously and really take a look at how they could implement what Costa Rica has done in their own countries.

It’s not just Costa Rica

WikipediaOther countries are making great waves in becoming completely reliant on renewable energy. Bonaire, a Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela is close to using 100% renewable energy and other places such as Iceland, Sweden and Bulgaria are three countries that are beginning to use is as well. China is responsible for the increase in spending on renewable energy; this area has gained a profit for the first time in 3 years! With more and more countries becoming energy efficient it is looking optimistic for the future that many more will follow suit.

Costa Rica achieving this massive feat shows how far along the globe is coming. Renewable energy is a reality rather than an objective that cannot be reached. With more and more people concerned about the environment there is becoming more of a push for bigger countries to try and improve their sources of energy and improve the negative impact it has on the world - you can help by joining our Costa Rica Climate Change Project. Hopefully in the next few years we will be seeing even more countries relying 100% on renewable energy!

By Fay Partridge

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