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Why you should go to: Tanzania

Image courtesy of Feans

Tanzania is a country in East Africa known for its breath taking scenery and wildlife. Here you get to do real safaris and see animals such as elephants and lions in their natural environment rather than a zoo. Not convinced yet? We will get you there, don’t worry. Read about the 10 must-do attractions in Tanzania and you will soon be dying to book your flights.

1. It’s an amazing place for safari adventures

Image courtesy of Frontier's Projects in Tanzania

Tanzania is not lacking wildlife, far from. Hippos, elephants, rhinos, lions and zebras are simply a part of the package and in a country like Tanzania, you can visit some truly amazing national parks and game reserves.

2. Home to Africa’s highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro

Image courtesy of Marc Van Der Chijs

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the highest mountain in Africa - it’s worth your time whether you intend to climb it or not. The surrounding area is also stunning and if you visit Mount Kilimanjaro National Park you can get a good glimpse of all of it!

3. Incredible marine life & diving sites

Image Courtesy of Frontiers Project's in Tanzania

Mafia Island is an outstanding spot for diving and snorkelling as well as gorgeous beaches. It’s the largest out of a group of Tanzanian islands with very healthy marine life and coral reef due to the protection of the marine park and conservation efforts. Frontier runs an important marine conservation project on Mafia Island in association with the marine park and has played a crucial role in protecting its marine life. Want to join?

4. A wealth of culture and traditions

Image Courtesy of Xioajun Deng

Tanzania is rich in culture and traditions. It’s home to various groups and tribes with their own unique cultural heritage worth experiencing. One of the most famous ones must be the Maasai people who have an ancient semi-nomadic lifestyle and are famous for their ability to farm in difficult environments such as deserts.  

5. The Ngorongoro crater

Image Courtesy Roman Boed

This natural wonder is a volcanic crater, the largest in the world. The conservation area spans over highland, savannah, woodlands and forests and is not only famous for its beauty but also for its scientific and historical value. It’s believed that the Ngorongoro area has important evidence of human evolution could answer questions as to how the modern humans came to be. Who wouldn’t want to know more about that? And let’s not forget it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

6. Stone Town in Zanzibar

Image Courtesy of mwanasimba

Strictly speaking, Zanzibar isn’t a 100 percent Tanzanian since the island has its own government and is semi-autonomous. However, let’s leave the history lessons for later and focus on the beauty of Stone Town. This is an old trading town with lots of heritage on offer and if you are lucky enough to visit Zanzibar, you should miss out on this beauty.  

7. The Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

As you might have found out by now, Tanzania is rich in heritage. Kilwa Kisiwana is yet another UNESCO World Heritage site to be found in this interesting country. These ruins used to be medieval cities that were important trading centres in East Africa back in the day, so if you love your archaeology and history – this is it!

8. You can volunteer on a unique wildlife project

Image Courtesy of Frontier's Project's in Tanzania

As a traveller it’s sometimes difficult to see everything, but as a volunteer, things get easier to handle. Volunteer with wildlife conservation and get a chance to help preserve some of the pristine nature and many species in Tanzania whilst getting to know the culture.

9. See Lake Victoria

Image Courtesy of Marc Veraart

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the entire world. It runs through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and is definitely a must-see for anyone visiting Tanzania.  

10. Experience Isimila Stone Age sites

Image Courtesy of Mkusaz Photography

Isimila Stone Age Site is yet another archaeological discovery in Tanzania worth visiting. This is believed to be one of the most significant discoveries from the early years of human history.

Travel to Tanzania and explore the heritage, wildlife and diving! Volunteer on a community project, dive and take part in marine conservation or disappear into the wild forests and savannahs to conduct wildlife surveys and conservation work!

By Caroline Edwards

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