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The World's 10 Most Welcoming Countries

The World Economic Forum has listed the world’s friendliest countries according to foreigners; in this article we explore the top 10.

flickr | Mark FischerThe island once known for financial ruin is, officially, the most welcoming nation on earth. Despite its cold weather, visitors to Iceland will not receive an aloof welcome. With a small population and unique natural attractions it’s easy to see why so many tourists choose Iceland.

New Zealand
Similar to Iceland, New Zealand has a low population considering the size. It has marvellous mountain ranges with a wealth of activities that attract tourists. 79 per cent of expats living in New Zealand rated it as having a solid work and life balance.
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flickr | 16:9clueThe government has made a great effort to make tourism a booming industry thanks to the country’s rich culture, food and stable politics. The locals of Morocco are famous for their hospitality with many tourists from every corner of the world coming away with enthusiastic reviews of the country.
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Macedonia is a real treasure of cultural heritage. Its sun, mountains, rivers and lakes offer the visitor a complete change from the stressful routine of daily life thus making Macedonia an attractive country for tourists to visit.

Tourism, leisure and the sport industry play a major role in Austria’s economy. The culture and the natural beauty of Austria make it one of the most visited places in the world with a recorded 23 million tourists in 2011.
flickr | jeff AttawayIt may be surprising to see Senegal ranked so highly, however tourists left Senegal with a pleasant experience, commenting on the countries friendly locals and stunning landscape. Moreover, it’s not a dull country at all.  It's only when a national football game is played, that the streets become completely silent!
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Similar to Austria, Portugal is a large tourist destination, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony, pulling in around 13 million tourists each year. It has history, superb cuisine, fine wines, idyllic sceneries, hospitable people, and an amazing range of different landscapes all within a short distance. This calls for lots of leisure activities, making this a tourist paradise of the highest quality.
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Bosnia and Herzogovina
flickr | Marcus SaulBosnia and Herzegovina has a rapidly growing tourist industry and it’s no surprise that with the magnificent architecture, culture and wonderful landscape that tourists leave with excellent reviews. Visitors will likely remember Bosnia and Herzegovina for its authentic human warmth and for the intriguing East-meets-West atmosphere born of mingled Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories.

flickr | EsklingIreland, a small country with breath-taking landscapes, is well-known for the easy going culture and friendly people who give everyone a warm welcome. Popular with tourists are the Irish outlooks and the nightlife of Dublin.

Burkina Fasu
Even though the country doesn’t have so many attractions and therefore not too many tourists, those that have been in Burkina Fasu speak of the Burkinabe’s charming and friendly nature.

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