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Round the World: How to book the best tickets

“I am going to see the world!” Well, good for you. The question is: How do you go about it? It’s not only about time; it’s also about money, planning, and having the right attitude. Not one traveller is similar, so let’s take a look at the different options open to would-be travellers keen on seeing everything.

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You are going away on a long, loong trip. The finances are all in place, but the tiny detail of how to get there is still hanging in the air as an unresolved question you haven’t had the courage to address. But help is on its way. As mentioned before, we are all different people who like to plan our trips in various ways, so take a look at Frontier’s guide and try to figure out which travel option goes best with your expertise and personality – who said booking flights was boring? 

The easy option: Pre-arranged world round tickets

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So where is the catch, you might ask? Well, mostly world round tickets are a lot cheaper than booking it yourself, but it does not offer a huge amount of flexibility, so make sure to do your own research before committing to anything and always check various travel agents and companies. If you are a student or under the age of 26, some places offer you a good discount on flights and some routes might be cheaper than others. World tickets are also useful if you are very set on your route and don’t expect to change things much as these tickets often come with a lot of rules, so please make sure you read the terms and conditions before booking your trip.  

Where to find out more: STA travel, Flight Centre, Round the World Flights, AirTreks, KilroyTravels and more. Your options might vary depending on where you intend to fly from. 

The middle ground: Pick your own route with professional help

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Add your own touch to the pre-planned route. Sometimes you will find that the advertised round the world tickets do not stop the kind of places you fancy visiting on your big trip, so in those cases you need to do a bit of homework. Find out where you want to go and in what order, then contact one of the big world round travel companies and get some advice. 

Where to find out more: STA travel, Flight Centre, Round the World Flights, AirTreks, KilroyTravels and more. Your options might vary depending on where you intend to fly from.

The hard core option: Do it on your own 

Although it might not always be cheaper than the round the world ticket, doing it on your own allows you to feel a sense of freedom and independence. When you finally succeed in beating the system it will feel great! The only downside is the huge amount of time required to do the task. Be prepared to spend hours doing research, visiting various flight comparison websites, and draw complex travel routes in your mind every day before going to sleep. 

Where to find out more: Get more in depth information here and read about how doing it yourself compares to booking it via a travel company 

Another approach: Go for the airline miles and rewards

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Air miles can be confusing to an outsider, but it’s really quite simple. The more you fly the more points or miles you earn and in the end it pays off – sort off. If you are already a frequent flier with points who takes part in these kinds of schemes, planning your trip with this in mind might be worth it. But to a newcomer it could be a waste of effort. However, it all depends on the airlines and how much you will be flying, so make sure you read up on it before deciding what way to do it. And avoid the credit card trap! Sometimes getting a specific credit card can earn you air miles if you buy specific products which often tempts weak souls to buy a lot of things they don’t need.    

Where to find out more: Get some inside information here 

What’s next?

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So there you go, you are almost ready to book your world round flights! Try to use tools such as Star Alliance Calculator or Oneworld Flight Schedules and planner to get a better idea of your route. Make sure you read as much as possible before making your final decision and remember: There are no right or wrong way to do it; it all depends on your priorities. So whether it’s money, flexibility or time saving, there is a solution. Enjoy your trip!

By Caroline Edwards

Get ready for take-off. A world round trip is unique in every sense and as confusion and difficult as it might be, it all pays off in the end. If you need some inspiration as to what you can do on your long trip or just fancy having some travel companions, maybe Frontier’s Fantasy Gap Year is for you? Or what about an ethical adventure trail

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