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Into the Wild Meets: Kate Jordan

Kate Jordan is the owner of thelotuscreative.com, a blog about travel, design and just everyday life! Kate’s passion for travel didn’t develop until her circumstances changed at home, but then having been bitten by the travel bug, she journeyed extensively across Europe working in different jobs to fund her adventures. We asked Kate a few questions about her blog and lifestyle, and here’s what she had to say.

All images courtesy of Kate Jordan

Money problems and then finally losing your job must have been difficult. Would you say you have always had a passion for travel, or did it develop on its own accord when your situation at home changed so drastically?

I can honestly say that I never had a passion for travel before my situation at home changed. I had never even considered travelling an option for me except for the odd holiday if money permitted. As soon as my situation changed and I realised what I could potentially be doing with my life, the bug hit and it hit hard.

Were there any moments while travelling that really forced you out of your comfort zone? Why?

So many! The one that sticks out for me right now is the most recent one where I was taken to a naked spa (in Germany) for my birthday present. My partner's choices in presents have definitely become more eccentric over the years I have known him! I think this threw me out of my comfort zone because it was so alien for me to be comfortable, naked and around other people. I dare anyone else to try it!

Travelling with a companion with whom you were developing a relationship with must have been a unique experience. What were some of the positives and negatives you experienced while doing so?

The positives have far outweighed the negatives for me. My partner was my best friend before we left England but he became so much more than that once we became each other's family and sole supporters. Dan knows everything about me and most importantly, he knows how I work which is something you can never truly know until all you have is that person. In terms of the negatives, we separated for almost an entire year of our travels which although negative at the time, was much needed in hindsight. It showed us both that we wanted to be where we were but that we still wanted each other, rather than feeling dependant due to our situations.

Does travelling alone or with someone present the most exciting experiences?

I don't have a preference! I love travelling with Dan because we have so much fun and I have someone to share the experiences with; however, nothing beats being able to create a day plan that revolves entirely around your own desires!

If you were to travel extensively again, which three countries would you most like to visit, and what is their appeal?

We really want to visit Australia and intend to do so, the same goes with Japan and the USA. Japan appeals to us because it has a culture which fascinates us whereas with Australia and the USA, I think we are keen to explore other English speaking countries and cultures to see how they differ.

Do you prefer travelling while working and working abroad, or travelling purely as a leisure activity? What, in your opinion, are the main positives and negatives to these two approaches to travel?

Working abroad is a great way to teach you about a way of life in that country, whereas leisurely travel doesn't give you the same insight. To be honest, I don't have a preference and I think it depends entirely on what you are looking to get out of your trip. If you want to see and do everything, leisure is better. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture, working abroad is definitely the way forward!

How has travelling impacted upon your professional life? Do you feel your life has taken a significant change in direction since you packed up and went abroad?

100%! Without travelling, I never would have started my blog and eventually started my own web design business. Travelling has literally carved my future.

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer someone thinking of working abroad as part of a travelling experience?

Don't give up at the first hurdle. Or the second. Or the third. If you want this bad enough, you will make it happen for yourself.

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