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A journey of discovery: part 1

Welcome reader. Today you will begin a most epic journey, a journey that will take you far across the world you thought you knew to places mysterious and otherworldly. Do not fear though. Although many of the locations you will travel to are remote and dangerous, you are in safe hands with Frontier at your side. Let us begin.

You are standing on scorched earth surrounded by spouts of flame. Somehow you have found yourself amidst a mercilessly barren land, somewhere in the Middle East. The area reeks of sulphur and the gas field burns brightly. You have emerged from The Door to Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan.

Image courtesy of Stefan Krasowski

The journey was long and arduous following the old Silk Road to China. Exhausted, you decide to take shelter in a nearby cavern. The cavern is other-worldly in its multi-coloured splendour, and attracts many travellers. The reeds outside are easy to fashion into flutes, and this must be where the Reed Flute Cave in China acquired its name.

Image courtesy of Aron & Carol

You have chanced upon a boat bobbing near to the shore. You can think of no reason why casting off in the direction the bow is facing would not be a good idea, and set sail towards the Bohol province of the Philippines. You see hills rise up in the thousand during the country’s dry season, and they appear as chocolate mounds, hence their moreish name.

Image courtesy of Didier Baertschiger

In a tropical storm you were blown far off course, south, towards Australia. The vastness of this island territory intimidates you, but as you approach the shore and sight the tall rock stacks of The Twelve Apostles, you find solace in their stoic beauty.


Your journey continues next week…


By Jack Plumb


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