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8 funny ways to document your travel experience

You’ve finally made it, your savings account is booming with cash and wherever you turn the smell of freedom seems to follow. In other words: you are going travelling. The question is how you are going to document the great experiences ahead? How will you remember those great months of your life and tell the world about your ups and downs? Let’s take a look at some unusual ways of doing it.  

1. Become a flower collector 

Image courtesy of Surfergirl60

Collect plants and flowers from each place you visit and press them, so that they can become symbols from special moments in time. All you need to do is to dry them in order to avoid them turning brown and then use absorbent paper on each side and place a heavy book on top. However, this technique might be difficult if you are on the road – but if you have the time, dedication and resources it could be a winner. Just make sure the flowers are yours to take!

2. Put your life on the big screen!

Image courtesy of Frontier Tanzania Marine Conservation

Film special travel moments and post your videos online either on sites such as Pinterest or simply on your own website or blog. By making short films from each place allows you to keep your memories alive forever and who knows? Maybe you could make your own documentary!

3. Embrace the #social media

Image courtesy of Sean McEntee 

If you love the idea of using Instagram, tweet and update Pinterest during your trip, this might be for you. Would you describe yourself as a bit of a photo-lover, someone who loves keeping it short and simple and is not afraid of embracing the modern world of technology while you are away? If your answer is yes, this should definitely be on your to-do list. Take pictures of your experiences and send it out to your followers – it could be a winner.

4. Document it the old fashioned way

Image courtesy of Kelvin VolVaneille 

Buy an antique diary and fill it up with words, drawings and funny items from each destination. Why not collect menu cards, stickers or postcards? It would certainly spice up your diary and revoke the past for your future self.

5. Turn your life into fiction

Image courtesy of Nicoleleec

Become the main character in your own adventure. It might sound silly, but actually it’s a lot of fun if not a bit out of the ordinary. So if you are not lacking imagination and enjoy writing, you could document your travels by turning it into an actual novel in which you are calling the shots as the grant master of adventure.

6. The modern way of doing it: travel blogging

Image courtesy of Francois Schnell 

In today’s world everyone seems to want a piece of the ‘travel-blogging fever’ cake and there is a reason for that. Travelling and writing is a lot of fun and with all the free blogs and websites out there it’s your easiest option. However, you do need internet connection, so if you are planning on disappearing into the misty jungle and never return, a notepad might be your best option

7. Store your memories in a box

Image courtesy of Brenda Clarke 

Imagine yourself in twenty years’ time opening a box from your glorious youth that has been stored in your basement. Inside the box awaits you the greatest moments from your world travels smelling fresh and alive, almost like they never left your side. So maybe it’s time to pick the perfect travel box and collect items you can keep for the years to come, until you get old enough to feel sentimental about the past.

8. Buy a CD with music representing the places you visit

Image courtesy of Takeshi Kawai 

Embrace the culture of each country you visit by buying music that represents the way of life in the places you explore. This way you get to keep happy moments close and whenever you want to be reminded of the adventurous times – just hit ‘play’.

By Caroline Edwards 

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