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On a budget? 4 cheap destinations to visit in 2015

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. Some destinations are just cheaper and more extraordinary than others. In this comprehensive guide Frontier aims to deliver the best travel destination guide for those without tons of gold coins in their bank box who get their daily dose of energy from dreams rather than a pay check.  

Image courtesy of Frontier Central America Trail

If you are not afraid of sleeping in a hammock or live in a shared dorm room you can see the world for very cheap – all it takes is to fly a bit further than the usual trip to your local tourist hot spot. Paying more for flights can really pay off in the end, so let’s take you all the way to Asia and Central America, continents that are home to countries in which you can live for 25 dollars per day! 


Image courtesy of Frontier Cambodia Projects

Why you should go to…: Cambodia

Travel by: By air. In-country travel is considered cheap.   

How much money: Cambodia is amongst the cheapest Asian travel destinations. Did you know that it’s possible to get a bed in a hostel for 4 dollars? Bargain.

Things to consider: Make sure you travel responsible and stay away from unethical animal attractions. In many touristy places in Asia you can ride elephants and visit wildlife attractions that mistreat the animals, so make sure you only support places with a good practice. Do your research.  

Important historical facts to know: Cambodia became independent from France in 1953 followed by political instability with changing systems. During the Vietnam war, North Vietnamese fled into Cambodia and were bombed by the U.S military resulting in the death of many Cambodian peasants. When the war ended, Cambodia entered a time known as the Khmer Republic, a period of dictatorship fuelled by fear of Vietnamese dominance in the region. However, in 1975 the government was overthrown by Khmer Rouge, a communist guerrilla group that banned religion and swore to kill its political opponents. This practice continued until the regime’s end in 1979, but political unrest did not leave Cambodian society until UN put Cambodia on its agenda in 1991.  

Fun/interesting fact about the country: Traditionally, birthdays are not celebrated in Cambodia and you will find many older people who struggle to know their actual age.

Volunteer in Cambodia: Live within a local island community and work on both diving and research projects as well as providing community care and helping develop basic local amenities. Check out the many opportunities to give a helping hand in Cambodia here.


Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre

Travel by: By air – but once you are in the country you should travel by bus. Nicaragua’s buses are old American school buses painted in all sort of colours which makes them a somewhat special travel experience. Take a seat and enjoy the Latin Americna Music playing while you hit the road.  

How much money: If you are not fussy, it’s possible to live for 25 dollars per day during your time in Nicaragua. A dorm bed in a hostel tends to cost around 8 dollars per night, great food can be enjoyed from street kitchens and with an interesting country full of beaches, jungle and historical cities; you don’t need to spend a fortune on leisure activities.

Things to consider: If you don’t speak Spanish it might be a good idea to practice a few phrases before you travel – a very few Nicaraguans speak English. Safety is another thing on the list. Although Nicaragua is pretty safe for Central American standards, you need to be extra careful in bigger cities such as Managua.    

Nicaraguan history worth knowing about: Augusto Sandino is a famous hero in Latin America, known for fighting a guerrilla war against U.S. military invaders between 1927 and 1933 until he was killed in 1934. Despite his death, Sandino’s name and memory lives on and he is believed to have inspired the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Nicaraguan's guerilla army, who fought against the Somoza family’s dictatorship for years until he was finally overthrown in 1979.

Fun/interesting fact about the country:  Nicaragua is striving despite its poverty and many people believe it to become the next ‘Costa Rica’, so pack your bags and get here before it’s too late. 

Opportunities in Nicaragua: Combine exciting adventure travel with a project placement and experience the best of Central America on an unforgettable adventure trip with Frontier through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


Image courtesy of Frontier Projects Nepal

Why you should go to…: Nepal

Travel by: By air 

How much money: For about 5 dollars per night you can stay in a nice little guesthouse in Nepal and local food is cheap. Another treat it the fact that Nepal has the most densely located amount of heritage sights in the world! Not bad.

Things to consider: This breath taking country is home to some of the highest points in the world, but if you are to go trekking this might add on some extra cost – but don’t let it stop you.

Nepalese history worth knowing about: Nepal became independent from Britain in 1923 and has gone through different periods of political unrest. Kings have ruled Nepal throughout history, but in 1959 the country adopted a multi-party system which was soon abolished by a coup led by King Mahendra who restored the old ways. Since then the country has returned to democracy followed by a time with communist rebellions and unrest. Today things are more peaceful and the country is governed by a democratic elected government.  

Fun/interesting fact about the country: Lubini, a place in Nepal, is believed to be the birthplace of Buddha – so maybe you should pay it a visit and get close to the ancient God?

Volunteer in Nepal: With everything from adventure trails to working as a journalist, Frontier offers some incredibly unique and once on a life time opportunities in Nepal. Find out more here.


Image courtesy Mathew Strautmuller

Why you should go to…: Bolivia

Travel by: By air

How much money: A single bed in a hotel or hostel tends to be around 8 dollars per night, but it varies from location to location. Food and transport is also quite a bargain with bus fares being around 2 dollars.

Things to consider: Learn some basic Spanish skills if you want to fully enjoy your experience in the country. Although Bolivia is quite poor, crime levels are fairly low and violence against tourists isn’t that common, but it’s still important to be careful. As a tourist you don’t blend in with the locals and therefore you might have a harder time spotting potential dangers.   

Bolivian history worth knowing about: Like many other Latin American countries, Bolivia has a history characterised by political turmoil and unrest with military coups and no long lasting head of states, but nowadays the country is fairly peaceful. In December 2005, Bolivia got its first indigenous president, Evo Morales, whose aim is to empower indigenous culture and help the poor in his country. He recently won his third term in the office and is widely supported in the country which is unusual in Bolivian politics.

Fun/interesting fact about the country: If you are up for native cultures it’s the place to go. Bolivia has more than 20 different indigenous groups in the country and several tribal languages which makes it a very interesting place to visit.

Opportunities in Bolivia: Discover the secrets of the landlocked heart of South America. Behold the magically surreal salt flats, lofty cities perched on canyon sides and the juxtaposition of Amazonian and Andean landscapes. Bolivia has one of the most fascinating and varied cultures of the continent. Check out Frontier’s exhilarating opportunities in Bolivia!

By Caroline Edwards

Brilliant isn’t it? However, sometimes volunteering can be a great way to fully engage in the local community and feel at one with your new destination. Work in an orphanage in Cambodia, take part in community work in Nepal or work with street children in Bolivia. The opportunities are there and Frontier is here to help you on your way. 

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