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The 10 most remote travel destinations on earth

Do you fancy going to places that most people overlook? This travel guide is for those wishing to experience some truly remote destinations, places other travellers often skip as they make their way around the world. A little hint: You might need a warm jacket for many of these adventurous destinations, but don’t let it put you down. 

1. Svalbard in Norway

Image courtesy of Philipp

The islands of Svalbard are one of those captivating arctic landscapes with untouched wilderness you just have to see. With no regular boat services, the only way to get there is by taking a plane from Norway’s mainland, so it’s fairly easy. However, travelling around Svalbard can be trickier as there are no real roads, a lot of snow and icy winds– so pack your warmest winter outfit and be prepared for an adventure.   

2. Alert, Nunavut, Canada

Image courtesy of US Embassy Canada

With stunning nature and cold weather, Nunavut is the most northern habited place on earth. In Alert you get familiar with darkness as well as light as there is no such thing as a normal day – 5 months a year you don’t see any sun and other months the sun is constantly hovering above you. No roads and icy waters – the only way to get there is by air.

3. Socotra Island, Yemen – the place with funny trees

Image courtesy of Rod Waddington

Socotra is one of the most isolated land forms on earth. It’s a small archipelago with plant life found nowhere else in the world. For years, travelling to this destination has proved tricky as there is a not proper harbour on the island and until 1999, no airstrip. But today you can actually get there by plane from either Yemen or the Arabic Emirates, so if you are not afraid of flying in a small plane, by all means, give it a go.

4. Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific

Image courtesy of doublecnz

The Pitcairn Islands consist of four volcanic islands populated by descendants of Polynesians, indigenous people who have lived on the lands many decades. It’s believed to be the least populated place, all originating from four main families.

5. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Image courtesy of Johan Siegers

Yet another cold one we can add to the list. The massive country of Greenland is an autonomous country within the kingdom of Denmark, which means that the people there speak Greenlandic as well as Danish. Ittoqqortoormiit is the most isolated town in Greenland, but also one of the most interesting with wildlife and white sceneries.

6. Concordia, Pakistan

Image courtesy of Stuart Orford

Concordia is an area full of mountains which offers plenty of room for adventure and exploration – heaven for mountain lovers, they say. The best way to see the place is by camping in the area and be a true traveller. 

7. Nauru Island

Image courtesy of Tatters

Nauru is the least visited country in the world, but there might be a reason for that. This tiny island is the smallest republic in the world located in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. So why not visit an exotic place that most people don’t get to see? In order to get there you need to fly from East Australia, so if you are down under Nauru is within reach. 

8. Metok (Mutuo), Tibet

Image courtesy of Jan Reurink

Metok is a county located in the autonomous region of Tibet and thought to be their holiest area. Although they are a part of China, officially speaking, their Buddhist culture is strong. This a special place, completely untouched by the modern world with no roads leading to its doorsteps – at least it used to be that way. A tunnel through the mountains was recently completed by China offering easier access to this unique place for outsiders, a mountain area in which life is heavily dictated by the weather conditions. But if you don’t mind tricky roads and is a real trekking type, then this is definitely is must see.

9. The deep sea – unexplored depths

Image courtesy of Daniel Dietrich

Most of us have probably experienced swimming around in the sea looking at the deep below us, wondering what’s down there. Well, the truth is we don’t know as much as people think. So much of the ocean and even more of the deep sea is unexplored due to the difficulties of getting there, so if you want to go somewhere remote, you should start figuring out ways to get to the bottom of the dark ocean.

10. Space

Image courtesy of Jim Trodel

Well, getting to space isn’t easy and there is a lot of blackness out there if you don’t count the several weird flying meteors that could hit you any second. So what are we waiting for? Hmm, probably quite a lot of things to be fair, so if this is your call, you might have to consider going into science so you can help us all on our way!

By Caroline Edwards  

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