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Halloween Horror Stories

In the run up to the creepiest, scariest and most ghoulish day on the calendar, Frontier brings you 5 spooky stories to rattle your bones! From pitch black caves and frightening visions, to teeth chattering chains and thumps at the door, turn off the lights and read on if you dare…

In a Cave, Darkly

Our first tale begins harmlessly enough with a man called Gary Lutes. Gary, a father of two wanted to share his love of caving with his two sons Buddy and Tim, so travelled from their Florida home to New Trout Cave in West Virginia.

Image courtesy of George Hatcher

The descent started normally and Gary had packed the usual caving supplies of food, water and extra head torches into a small pack. Gary believed the pack was quickly becoming a nuisance and decided to leave it behind for a while as he and his sons explored a section of the cave known as ‘The Maze’.

Unexpectedly and very soon after abandoning the pack, little Buddy and Tim’s head torches, went out. They were plunged into complete darkness and Gary scrambled his way back to find the pack. But he could not. They were lost 3500ft underground and without light, and as the walls seemed to close in on them, strange things began to appear in the gloom…

The Third Room

A young man named Dillon is the subject of our next unfortunate story. A cheap hotel can seem appealing at first but after Dillon had noticed the unkempt condition, suspicious stains and used plasters of the first two rooms he checked, the third room would have to do.

Image courtesy of Travis Magee

It seemed Dillon’s perseverance had paid off until suddenly a violent scream pierced through the walls. The screaming persisted and the sounds of jangling chains began to fill Dillon’s room…

A Club in the Night-time

And so we come to Ella Ramirez. Ella and her friend were travelling through Prague together and decided a night out on the town was in order. A large nightclub took their fancy and the evening was going well.

Image courtesy of LeRamz

Striking up conversation with someone in a nightclub is by no means a rarity, and the girls found themselves chatting to a slightly intimidating Russian man. After the usual types of questions the girls felt a little uneasy and proclaimed they wanted to leave. But the man denied them and did not move from in front of the stairs leading to the exit.

The girls were trapped, between a tyrant and a sprawling mass of oblivious clubbers. There was no escape, and with the thump, thump, thump of dance music, no one would hear them scream…

And Then There Were Eggs

Peru, 2014. A British tourist named Rochelle Harris is flying home after a lovely time hiking and enjoying Peruvian culture. Cramped cabins can be uncomfortable and relentless places to be for a long period of time, and she started to feel headachy.

The pressure must have been playing on her mind as she began to hear strange muffled noises. She felt she must have developed an ear ache, which would certainly explain the headache, so decided to get it checked out on her return. But then something unnerving happened; her ear began to drip…

Cecil’s Game

Our final story comes from yours truly, and is another tale of cheap hotel rooms and strange goings-on. When touring the west coast of the US, my friend and I were booking hotels and hostels ad-hoc from location to location. Before arriving in L.A. we booked a fairly inexpensive room in the Stay on Main Hotel.

Image courtesy of Mike Schmid

The place was by no means luxury, but we were not expecting the Ritz. That night we went out to a local bar and spent the evening with some locals celebrating a birthday. They asked where we were staying and we answered. They joked, “At least it isn’t the Hotel Cecil!” and we asked why. They explained the long history of murders and strange occurrences that had taken place there, and the “funny” tasting water.

We returned to our hotel and noticed some recent building work and painting that had gone on, but thought nothing of it. We went to bed and were drifting off to sleep until suddenly a loud thump on the door jolted us awake…


Gary and his sons were trapped for 5 days and if not for a keen-eyed passer-by, may have met their doom. The Family were lucky to survive and their Father was heavily criticised by the National Cave Rescue Association for leaving his pack behind and not providing three sources of light for each caver. The strange things in the gloom were hallucinations, no doubt brought on by the pitch-black darkness and lack of food and water. Or were they…

Story originally from http://listverse.com/2014/07/01/10-vacation-horror-stories/

Image courtesy of Kathrin and Stephen Marks

Dillon had managed to find himself next door to a room set up for children staying in the hotel to enjoy as a Halloween attraction. He was not warned of the attraction next door, did not change rooms again, and was not offered any kind of compensation. Luckily for Dillon the chains of The Third Room were never given the chance to REND HIS VERY SOUL FROM HIS MORTAL FLESH, MUHAHAHAHA!

Story originally from https://www.yahoo.com/travel/hotel-horror-stories-c1409885624477.html

Image courtesy of Steve Cavrich

The Russian man made a suspicious phone call while blocking the girls’ path. Petrified, the girls managed to get the shady Russian man to fetch a glass of water, after convincing him one of them was having a panic attack. When their opportunity to escape presented itself, the girls made a dash for it to the street and never looked back. A harrowing experience and the girls were well aware of how lucky they were, and how grim things may have turned out. In all seriousness, always make sure you are careful in any establishment in which alcohol is consumed, and you never walk at night time alone.

Story originally from http://travel.ninemsn.com.au/world/829030/holiday-horror-stories

Image courtesy of Stefano Corso

The muffled sounds and drip from Rochelle’s ear was discharge caused by the maggots squirming around and eating a small hole into her ear canal. The maggots had hatched after a new world screw-worm fly had laid its eggs in her ear during a trek. The visit to the doctor’s may have saved her hearing, as she had a normal recovery and there was no permanent damage. Amazingly she was less squeamish towards insects after the experience, just as the fly had planned…

Story originally from http://listverse.com/2014/07/01/10-vacation-horror-stories/

Image courtesy of Massamiliano Calamelli

We actually never found out what had caused the thump but assumed it was a homeless person looking for an unoccupied room. The hotel was located just one block from Skid Row, a notorious area for homelessness and poverty in downtown L.A. We later found out after some research that the hotel we were staying in had been recently rebranded. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it was the Cecil Hotel! Just over a year ago a body of a woman had been found in the water tank after customers were mentioning to reception staff that the water tasted funny. The woman had been seen on CCTV acting extremely strangely, frantically pressing elevator buttons and roaming the halls. Perhaps there is something more sinister to the Cecil Hotel after all, no doubt brought on by the many murders, and resident murderers. Read more about the Cecil Hotel here(link). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Hotel_(Los_Angeles).

Image courtesy of Boortz47

By Jack Plumb

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