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A Frontier Guide to Dining Abroad

You’re in a strange foreign country, you’re hungry, and there’s not a burger van in sight. What do you do? Well luckily for you, we’ve got the answer. Some of the finest traditional and authentic cuisine from around the world assembled on one carefully composed menu for you to choose your grub of choice from.

One of the best parts about travelling is experiencing new food and local cuisine. Anyone who has travelled extensively will say the same thing, “The best food I ever ate was from a dodgy looking cart down a back-alley in Timbuktu.” We’ve gone one step further with our advice and have collected together the most ‘unusual’ dishes so you don’t have to be confused and hungry the next time you forget to pack a lunch when backpacking.

If any of the recent articles regarding insect consumption are to become an accurate representation of our future diets, to supplement all those crunchy carapaces with unique world flavours keep this menu handy at all times.

Bon appétit!

By Jack Plumb, image created by Nanna Paskesen

Fancy trying one of these tasty snacks? Best get over to their country of origin and try the real thing! You could try an internship, or a development project, or perhaps some wildlife conservation to work up an apetite. Frontier runs over 300 dedicated conservationcommunityand adventure projects worldwide.

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