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A journey of discovery: part 3

Welcome back. And welcome to the next stage of your adventure. Last week we sailed the Tasman Sea, hitched a ride on an iceberg, came as close to the surface of the moon as almost anyone has and looked in to an abyss. Where will we venture today, and what surprises does the world have in store?

Your journey so far has been tiring and the cave ahead is a welcome sight. You venture 300 metres into its passageways and emerge in The Cave of the Crystals near Chihuahua in Mexico. Nothing could have prepared you for the sight of the largest crystal formations ever discovered.

Image courtesy of OggiScienza

You’re well rested, and boy you’ll need it, ‘cause now you’re headed north through frontier country. You venture right up the middle of North America through Wyoming, but are stopped utterly in your tracks by The Devil’s Tower. Its tall and ominous presence is unnerving, and you push on giving it a wide berth.

Image courtesy of Paul Caroll 

The nights spent on the plains of the mid-west were cold, but nowhere near as cold as sleeping among dinosaurs. Relics, of course from eons ago, but the eerie feel of The Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta haunted you as you travelled towards the coast - Hudson bay, and out into the ocean tacking alongside the south coast of Greenland.

Image courtesy of Jerryw387

You felt it was apt that your next steps on land were across a causeway. Your journey had been epic, and The Giant’s Causeway in Ireland seemed fitting, but you were not yet done. A quick trip across the Irish Sea and you spied a cave, and approached with trepidation.

Image courtesy of Santiago Atienza 

This was the end of your journey. The cathedral-like Fingal’s Cave enveloped you with a bellowing auditory assault. As waves crashed between the natural pillars, you knew you had seen some very special sites indeed.

By Jack Plumb

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