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Cracking packing: essential items to bring on your travels

Packing before ones travels can seem like an arduous task, and one that is often left until the last minute. It may not be the most pleasurable part of voyaging abroad, but it is always essential, and should be done properly. Not only will it make you better equipped for the challenge ahead, but it will prevent you from packing unnecessary items, therefore reducing the weight of your bag and the strain on your shoulders. Purchase a sturdy, comfortable and sizeable rucksack, which fits comfortably to your body. Don’t feel embarrassed to try on a few different varieties in the shop. Then, before you leave, make sure you fill it with these essential things...

Image courtesy of erules123

Flip Flops

Flip flops are the fair-weather traveller’s best friend. Wear them with pride and wear them regularly. But don’t expect to return with the same pair you started with.

Microfiber towel

Heavy, cumbersome towels are a thing of the past. Small, quick drying microfiber towels are the way forward. It is all you’ll need and saves room in your rucksack for more important things.


Imagine spending a month in the Namibian desert on an Elephant conservation project without your camera. You will have no pictures of these amazing desert dwellers to take home with you and to make your friends jealous with. Save the heartache: remember your camera and keep it safe!


Your backpack will contain the entirety of your belongings for the foreseeable future when travelling abroad. Protect it with a padlock and keep your worldly possessions safe.

Anti bacterial wet wipes

Sticky situations can be averted by storing a small packet of wet wipes in the side pocket of your bag. Wet wipes prepare you for the unexpected, and can be used at times when you can’t just jump in the shower.

Image courtesy of Brandon Lee Nash, South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail

Toilet roll

It may seem bizarre to bring your own toilet tissue with you, but you never know when it may come in handy, especially when travelling in rural areas.


Whether you are filing out documents, writing in your journal, or passing time on a plane journey with a good old game of hang-man, never underestimate the power of the pen.

Gaffer tape

Handy for fixing up torn backpacks; covering any holes, securing tents or mosquito nets, and for everything and anything in between!

A Torch

Power cuts, outside toilets, or sleeping under the stars; travelling is all about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zones. Shed some light on the situation with a small travel torch- a head torch is often the most practical.

Ear plugs

Imperative for drowning out the snoring from the person next to you on the plane, or for mellowing the spectacle of sounds springing from the jungle at dusk.

By Camilla James

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