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Think outside the box when you fundraise

Do you have a longing to go for an adventure abroad and the only thing holding you back is getting the money together? You found out that money doesn’t grow on trees, and starring through your friends travel photos on Facebook is only getting you closer to that comfort chocolate bar you smother in envy. However, there are lots of ways to fill up your ‘travel savings’ jar by fundraising.

The best thing about fundraising is that there are no rules, and with the right attitude - your creativity sets the limit. Many young adults fundraise to cover the cost of their travel, so a good starting point would be to stretch your brain activity to its highest and write down your strongest skills. Combined with a good imagination this will be a mix as good as JK. Rowling and wizards. Your next step is to use your friends to strengthen your idea, and then use their connections to get your audience! In this case, Facebook friends are real friends too, and social media is an essential tool for you to lure a broader audience to your fundraising mission.  This can be a blog, YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook events and pages with pictures, information and invitations. Unlike ‘The Las Vegas Effect’ - You have to bring the party to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi

The traditional Bake Sale

Can you make a taste of love out of flour, eggs and milk? Go nuts for one day in the kitchen, and bake your mother proud! One reminder though! It doesn’t matter how good your banana cake is, people will always have tasted a banana cake before yours. The trick is to bake with originality. Dedicate your fundraising theme to your cake, and sell it on the looks. Kermit frog cakes doesn’t particularly taste good, you eat them because you want to eat a cake shaped as a frog. Stay true to your theme and make globe cookies, animal muffins, ticket flapjacks, etc. It’s has to be a sore sight for eyes.

Image courtesy of www.peterwerkman.nl

Hunk/Babe Auction

Do you have some good looking single friends, and a talent for speaking in front of a crowd? Why not become Cupid for a night, and set your friends up for dates! This is a popular university event, and it works! Host a night sponsored on beers, snacks and music so people can mingle. Present your Hunk’s and Babe’s and let the highest bidder take them on a date! (This should probably be done in the beginning of the night so people don’t get frisky too early and hook up) It sounds like a crazy idea, but who’s crazier than students?

Image courtesy of Richard Barrett-Small

Play a Gig

Everyone loves a bit of music! If you are a skilled musician there are lots of pubs and cafe’s that offers live music nights. You can either pull through a whole gig by yourself, or you can assemble a band. This will be a great opportunity for you to fundraise because you have the freedom to talk about your cause between songs.  A good idea to boost the money count is to have a wish bowl where people can request songs and leave you a selected amount of cash.

Image courtesy of Images_of_Money

Poker Tournament

Have you got an inner gambler inside of you? Vegas it up and host a poker game tournament. Obviously people play poker to win money, so you can’t take that away from them. You can though, charge them a playing fee for entering the tournament. Depending on how many gamblers you have or how many tournaments you run, you will be able to fundraise a good amount of money towards your travel savings. Players might be enticed to play again, if they have won more than they put in to begin with.

Image courtesy of Conor MacDonald

Pet Show

Have friends and family enter their cat, dog or hamster in a pet competition. The title is totally up to you; it could be choosing the prettiest, funniest or most talented pet for a winning prize. You could host a pet show where people pay entry, or you can make it into an online event where they submit their photos and videos. Funny pets are extremely popular on the internet at the moment so the timing couldn’t be better. Maybe you can find the new Grumpy Cat?

Image courtesy of Johan Brook

Photoshop Booth

Do you have some amazing Photoshop skills? Transform kids into their favourite superheroes, get people coupled up with superstars, put their face on the poster for their favourite film, merge their pets into weird looking creatures, or make them ride a unicorn!

Your options are never ending! A significant chunk of your travel expenses can be paid through fundraising. It is a quick way to gather the money you need, but you have to be active, creative, persistent and confident. Come up with something original that will ‘wow’ people. A great idea is what makes success. 

By Nanna Påskesen

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