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Project of the week – China opportunities

Teaching English to friendly children whilst living in China will leave volunteers with some fantastic memories of having done something hugely worthwhile, and hopefully with a good grasp on a new language as well. Frontier has a number of opportunities that will provide the ideal experience for volunteers who want to teach.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ross, China Teaching

China Teaching

English teachers are very much in demand in China, and volunteers are warmly welcomed to help educate young children with new and important skills to match the constant expansion of opportunities within China. While following the local school timetable in Yantai, for five days a week between two and four hours a day, volunteers will help to improve English speaking skills of children in a local school, while also educating the children on culture from the volunteer’s home country. Volunteers will stay in an apartment on a school campus which is extremely comfortable, all including a bathroom, TV, phone, and heating/air conditioning, with some even having a computer with internet access. Three meals a day will be provided in the week which will be delicious local cuisine, at the weekends volunteers can explore the local markets and restaurants.

Yantai holds remnants of an ancient civilisation filled with magnificent temples set in beautiful rolling hills, and when volunteers are not in the classroom, there is always the opportunity to explore the area and experience some of the region’s most famous treasures; such as the Terracotta Army, The forbidden City, and a part of the Great Wall of China. This is an excellent opportunity to see an ancient part of China, and to be part of something hugely beneficial for the area. As the help that volunteers provide will aid the children’s levels of confidence in their skills, and improve their future opportunities.

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Image courtesy of Frontier China Summer Camp in Beijing

China Summer Camp in Beijing

Beijing is a place of magic and legends that is the perfect place to volunteer on a local children’s summer camp. Volunteer’s will lead children in fun activities, cultural exchanges and help them improve their conversational English, a skill highly rated in China. Not only will volunteers be able to teach the children about their own culture, but it is a fantastic chance to learn about a culture very different from their own. The project entails working alongside Camp Counsellors and Coordinators to help prepare and coordinate fun and engaging activities for the children, as well as acting as a guide on local sightseeing tours.

Volunteer’s stay in clean and comfortable housing, typically in a shared room with a bathroom. The local cuisine is delicious, and the food that will be provided either in the accommodation or at the volunteer’s place of work is likely to be so. If you would like to improve leadership and teaching skills, while immersing yourself in a culture very different to your own, then this project is for you!

Learn more about Frontier’s China Summer Camp in Beijing project.

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