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Bucket List: Emma Gardner, Research and Development Intern

Emma is currently interning at Frontier London HQ in the Research & Development department. She is a key link between the research that goes on on Frontier’s projects by volunteers and London HQ and the wider world. You can see what she’s been working on for the Society for Environmental Education and the Science Club blog.

Image courtesy of Lexe-l

1. Go diving/snorkelling in Indonesia.

This is much more of a reality for me now I have my PADI qualification. I would love to do some marine coral and fish surveying in Indonesian waters which are reputed to be some of the most unspoilt and beautiful in the world.

Likelihood rating 7/10

Image courtesy of Tambako

2. See an Asiatic Lion in Gir Forest National Park.

This incredibly rare subspecies of big cat is vastly declining in numbers and is found in only one location in India. The likelihood of this subspecies recovering is very slim with the destruction of much of its former habitat and there only being one vulnerable population left. The ecology and isolation of this cat has always fascinated me so the chance to see them in the wild would be haunting and sad but the realisation of a life ambition.

Likelihood rating 1/10

Image courtesy of Gary J. Wood

3. Go to Mexico!

An amazing array of both terrestrial and marine animals, pristine beaches, great food, siestas fiestas and amazing dive sites-what’s not to love?

Likelihood rating 5/10

4. Publish a peer reviewed journal article

When I have finished my Masters degree, I hope to do a PhD so publishing my work will be really important for me as sharing knowledge is a vital part of science. I hope to contribute to conservation and ecology and put the skills I have acquired as a biologist to practical use.

Likelihood rating (an optimistic 9/10)

Image courtesy of Anthony DeLorenzo

5. Paddle down the Yukon River

Having seen countless documentaries of grizzly bears in Alaska and Canada I decided that one day I would see that beautiful grand scenery for myself and travelling by kayak or Canoe seems a pretty good way to do it.

Likelihood rating 5/10

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